· Review Policy ·

Review copies I will accept:

-Author Review Copies
– Publisher Review Copies
-Finished Copies


  • Hard Copies
  • Paperback
  • .PDF / Google Books

Genre I Review:

Paranormal  Nonfiction: How To, True Ghost Stories, Oddities (Black Eyed Kids/Aliens)
Paranormal Fiction: Zombie, Ghosts, Hauntings
True Crime
Thriller/Mystery/Crime Scene
Chick Lit
Young Adult

I tend to stay away from romance novels, paranormal romance, and young adult romance. Unless you can convince me it has more story than just romantic interludes.

About my Reviews:

I ask that you give me at least 4-6 weeks per review.
 I don’t always have a lot of time to read, but when I do I focus solely on the book I am reviewing. I take notes, mark pages if it is a hard copy for review, and write a thorough review.

I will try my best to post my review within 3-4 weeks of receiving the book. In the event that it may take longer than 4 weeks, I will personally notify you (author/publisher) that it “life” got in the way.

The books that come to me for review are totally at my discretion. I do not guarantee that all my reviews would be “positive,” but they are honest. I would keep my reviews respectful despite what my rating for the book is. I will point out the positive aspects of the book as well as my reasons for not liking the book. There is a lot of hubub in and around certain books sites that suggest reviews are influenced by the friendships, clique’s, etc. My reviews are from my heart. I am not influenced by my thoughts of the author as a person. My personal view never gets in the way of my review of a book.

 What will be included in my reviews:

  • The Book Cover
  • Buying Links
  • Author’s website, Facebook, and/or links.
  • Publishing Details
  • Synopsis provided by the Author.
  • My take on the book. I will post a review that will include, but not limited to, my take, positive aspects, negative aspects and overall thought.

 Some other things to be kept in mind:

  • If you have asked me to review your book, then you must be willing to give me a free copy of it. I will not purchase the book for a requested review.
  • I will, however, buy books on my own and will review those books as I finish them. 
  • I post my reviews on Haunted Book Case, Goodreads, Smashwords, Amazon, and various Facebook Paranormal Book Groups I belong to.

If you have any other queries, or if you wish to request a review, you can contact me on my email 365gratitude [at] gmail [dot] com.


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