Book Case #2 – By the Pound

Book Details:

I received this “book” as a review copy for Untreed Reads or Untreed Reads.

“By the Pound” – Marcus Bleecker

Description from Author:
Whites, colors, darks. It seems like doing laundry would be a fairly simple task, but for many people there just isn’t the time. Enter a place like By the Pound, where you can simply drop off your clothes and pick them up later, clean and folded. Sure, it may be a bit awkward to have someone launder your “private items,” but it’s all about convenience. Well, unless you’re the poor protagonist in this story, who soon finds that his bag of clothes may have to sit unclaimed at the wash and fold Laundromat because he’s too embarrassed by the items inadvertently left in the side compartment of his laundry bag.

 My Review and Thoughts: 
This is going to be the first time that I do not apologize for a negative review. This was just horrible. The “book” was only seven (7) pages long. It is introduced as a short story; which should be introduced as a story that should never have happened. 

Reasons I detest this story/“book”:
I love short stories and I do not even mind this one being seven pages long; it made for the quickest read ever! However, it says a lot about a story when you are on page THREE and you have no desire to finish. But, because I signed up to review this story, I felt obligated to finish.

The story is so horribly written that it is in dire need of many things to make it even remotely okay. I would, however, like to start one major one: 
How about forming a thought outline before you begin writing? That would be phenomenal! It reads like a chaotic journal entry written by a stoned teenage boy. Ironically, that is what the gist of this story is about. I think the presentation was supposed to come off as humorous, but instead it came off as sad.

Topic/Synopsis was not even mildly entertaining. The “poor protagonist” in the story uses a local laundry service, racially type cast by an Asian family with a ‘hot’ Asian daughter, whom he wants to ask out but can’t because he is embarrassed. He is embarrassed because the last time he dropped his laundry off he “accidentally” left porn, pot paraphernalia, handcuffs and sex toys in his duffle bag with his dirty laundry. 

The whole seven pages sounded like a pathetically written story for penthouse.

Positives about the book/author:
At least he is trying! At least he is working on writing and getting something out there. That says a lot.  Maybe a few college classes that focused on sentence structure and grammar would benefit him tremendously. He has creative ideas, but his delivery is rough.

I really think that if he broke down sections of the short story and focused on one section at a time, he very well could have a funny story; especially if it were outlined, decently constructed and finally EDITED!

Book details and avenues to purchase it: 
Don’t bother, google it if you’re really itching to read it. 


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