Book Case #4 – Well-Tended Garden

The Well-Tended Garden (The Purana Qila Stories, #3)

Book and Author Details:
The Well-Tended Garden(The Purana Qila Stories)by Shaheen Ashraf-Ahmed

Description from Author:

Safiyah’s husband has taken a second wife and started a new life in Lahore. Safiyah must return to India alone and raise her daughters, Henna and Laila. She tries to safeguard them from the disappointments of love by driving them towards ambitious heights in their studies, while she toils as a servant at Purana Qila. She is surprised by the offer of a second chance of happiness with a faithful admirer, but she is a mother first and has a difficult decision to make. She must weigh her happiness against the future of her daughters, who, despite her efforts, have also been vulnerable to the unspoken longings of the heart.

My Overall Review and Thoughts:
I am very fond of Ms. Ashraf-Ahmed’s books; this one is included. The author writes in such a way the reader really connects with the characters, their struggles, their trials and tribulations,  etc. I love how her Purana Qila stories are strong enough to stand alone as a story, and remain just as strong together when you read them as a group. This independent author deserves to have notoriety and acknowledgement for a job well done.

This story is poetically written, much like her “A Deconstructed Heart.” It flows well without grammatical errors. The plot and characters are engaging enough to get completely wrapped up in their tales. I lost time while reading Shaheen’s well written story. It is worth spending the money on Amazon, downloading a copy and getting lost on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Purchase the Book:

Well-Tended Garden on Amazon

Well-Tended Garden on Good Reads

Well-Tended Garden on SmashWords


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