The Bridge – Allan Krummenacker

The Bridge
I had the chance to read this book a while back and found that I had thoroughly enjoyed it. I had written a review on the copy I received  and decided I would go ahead and promote it after I had received an email from the author about promoting the book.

This is a great book. This is a thrilling book with a lot of twists and turns. The author takes the reader on a ghostly and psychic journey. It’s a quick read that proved to be very entertaining. 

He did a great job of mixing horror and spooky story lines with character development. Once I was able to sit down and read the book, I was sad to see it end.

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Parallel realities have been a staple of fiction for many years. In every case, the same rule applies: Some event in history is changed, thus creating an entirely new reality. A few examples of such tales are speculative works about President Kennedy surviving the assassination, Germany winning World War II, or Jimmy Stewart’s c character in “It’s A Wonderful Life” getting to see what would have happened had he not been born. So how can a writer put a new spin on the old parallel reality concept? If you’re a brand new author named Allan Krummenacker, you go a bit further back in time – or rather, way back in time.

In his debut novel “The Bridge,” Krummenacker introduces readers to a whole new take on the parallel Earth idea by way of a unique paranormal mystery. A reluctant psychic finds himself summoned by the ghost of a teenage girl who vanished from an estate sixteen years ago. As the psychic and his girlfriend – a police officer – start investigating, they discover the specter was just the latest victim in a series of disappearances dating back 300 years. Before they’re finished, they learn that a threat lies hidden inside the old stone bridge located on the property. A terrifying otherworldly being is about to escape from the stony prison created by the early Paleo Indians.

“The Bridge was a fantastic story that completely sucked me in. The characters were great, with witty banter that had me cracking up. You will not be able to put this down!” Cristina Reiser,

‘Exhilarating! The story kept me tense the whole way through,” Michael Drakich, author of “The Brotherhood of Piaxia.”

Allan Krummenacker lives in Marina, California with his wife Helen. He is currently working on the sequel to “The Bridge,” scheduled for release this summer.

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