Book Case #5 – Knock Knock

Book and Author Details:
Knock KnockS.P. Miskowski
title and author are linked to goodreads and author’s blog.

Published by Omnium Gatherum Media.
Shortlisted for a 2011 Shirley Jackson Award.
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Description from Author:

At the center of S.P. Miskowski’s novel-length fable are Ethel, Beverly, and Marietta, best friends stuck in the backwater of Skillute, Washington. Their neighbors and families are petty or poor or both; but when these townies warn the girls not to wander into Skillute’s dense forest, they mean it. Something evil lurks there. The girls are not convinced. They wander into the woods, and their mistake unleashes a malignant spirit that terrorizes Skillute for the next fifty years.

My Review / Thoughts:
I originally requested this book for review because it was listed as a great supernatural thriller; evil spirits! It was an added plus that it was based in Washington State, my home. It was something I could sink my teeth into, and envision the location with ease.

I actually liked this book. The story was well written. The plot was entertaining. The author did a fine job with composition, grammar, and spelling. I was able to read it in three days total.

The detailed character development was superb. The plot was tightly woven, keeping with the theme throughout. Not once did the author drop the story line and get side tracked; like so many books with unneeded secondary plot lines. Each character represents a part of the reader and one reading can find themselves easily in the moment.

The story is about three young girls in the 1960’s that took a pledge, and cast a “spell”, to ensure they never get pregnant. They unleash a horrible spirit from an era long ago. There was so much the author could do with this entity, but the story was more around the three girls than the spirit itself.

I read through the girls’ coming of age, puberty, sex, and eventually pregnancy. They are all tormented by the spirit, but in such a mild fashion to doesn’t seem that bad. One girl was possibly even blessed by the action of the spirit; in regards to her parents.

I just felt that in some spots it was pretty lacking in the plot line.

Confusing Areas/Negative Aspects:
I started this book thinking it was going to be a great paranormal/supernatural thriller. The description of the book lead me to believe it had some fascinating horror sequences that would fulfill my ‘need’ for a good ghostly scare.

I kept a running log throughout my reading with the tracker on GoodReads, my updates as I went along tells me a lot:

51%of the way through the book:”So far, fantastic character building. I am not seeing much of the horror story side of it though. Just the days in and days out of the lives of three girls to women.”

78% of the way through the book:”Enjoying the book still, just waiting for the “horror” part of it to kick in.”

There just wasn’t any true scary, page turning moments in the book. The best nail-biting scene was towards the end when one of the main characters is tormented in her own house.

Overall View:
I feel that the author could have expanded on so many of the scenes to turn it into a truly terrifying book. I did enjoy it, don’t get me wrong. It is a good story, just not what for what it is listed as. I really was looking forward to a good, spooky, evil spirit book. Instead, I found a book with a quaint time line in the lives of three girls from Skillute, WA.

The book is worth purchasing. It’s a good story.  It’s apart of a series, and I would be interested in reading one of the other ones just as well.



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