Book Case #9 – All Spooked Up

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Description from Author:

There’s a Ghost in her house, so professional Intuitive Teresa Carol uses this opportunity as a teaching moment. Having spent the last 25 years investigating paranormal activity, Teresa has the experience and skill to explain this phenomena. All Spooked Up is a charming peek into the Subtle Realms from a professional view point. Join Teresa as she contacts the Ghost and moves it on. The book also includes six other Ghost Cases from Teresa Carol’s personal experiences.?

Overall Feeling:

I have read a substantial amount of “Ghost Busting”/”Paranormal Investigations” books. A lot of them are mapped out and read almost exactly the same; same voice, same style, etc. The only thing different about them are the locations, the stories, and the paranormal teams involved. Teresa Carol’s book, “All Spooked Up” is similar, but different. 

The first few chapters discuss the ghost she has/had living in her home. She writes about her personal experiences in recognizing, relating and investigating the spirit that has invaded her home. 

The next few chapters discuss “Ghost Busting.” Although I am highly opposed to the idea that ghosts need to be “busted,” I found her information educated and well written. Teresa’s theories are sound and follow along the same lines a lot of paranormal investigators seem to follow.  The book includes a working philosophy and glossary of paranormal words.

The last part of her book talks about important cases the author worked on. I loved this section! So many real life paranormal books discuss cases, but not the outcome. Teresa Carol did just that. Not only did she capture her reader’s attention with some pretty serious, or bizarre, cases, but the FOLLOWED THROUGH and finished with the outcome; even if it was years later.

My two favorite stories:
Tree Spirit
Case of the Hidden Tunnel

READ THIS BOOK! If you are a true paranormal fan, paranormal investigator, or want to be “All Spooked Up”….BUY AND READ THIS BOOK. I promise you, the stories at the end of the book will get your mind thinking, blood pumping, and spook you deeply.




3 responses to “Book Case #9 – All Spooked Up

  1. Thanks for such an amazing review! I’m delighted you liked the stories!

  2. Good review…you got my attention! Of course I love ghost stories and the “end section” sounds intriguing! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the follow.

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