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What if your friend – someone admired, envied, and fervently sought after by everyone who knew her – was really a dangerous sociopath?

Spring in glamorous uber-rich Fairfield County, Connecticut is a time of beginnings: a new diet for the approaching summer spent out on the yacht, fresh-faced interns being offered up at the office as the seasonal sacrifice to the gods of money, and corporate takeovers galore. Five women in their thirties have a brand-new friendship, too, one that fed and watered regularly at local hotspots over cocktails. With all of their personal struggles – Lucie’s new catering business is foundering due to vicious gossip, Kate’s marriage is troubled due to an inability to conceive, Chelsea’s series of misses in the romance department have led to frantic desperation, and Sharon’s career problems are spinning out of control – the women look forward to a break and a drink and a chance to let their guards down with their friends. And letting their guards down is the last thing they should do in the kind of company they unknowingly keep with the fifth member of their cocktail-clique: Bianca Rossi, a woman who will stop at nothing to have it all.

Overall Feeling:

Chick lit meets Hannibal Lecter. 
As women we are caught in this fine game of back and forth/love and hate with other women. We want to surround ourselves with female friends so we feel “normal” but we often find ourselves comparing and gossiping … This book takes that unique tribe called “Girlfriends” and turns it into a page turning, anxious novel about a sociopath who sees everyone in her path as stepping stones to reach the top. Bianca, the psychotic female character in this novel, is cunning, manipulative, and deadly. The four other characters in the book range from a country dairy “mouse” to a strong willed, intuitive woman.

One of the things I thoroughly enjoyed was the creative way the author identified the characters by their drinks during “Cocktail Hour.” I loved that the perspective of the chapters changed by whose drink was the chapter’s title.

Strawberry Daquiri – Chelsea
Corona – Kate
Chardonnay –  Lucie
Vodka Martini – Sharon
Mojito – Bianca

I was entertained and could not wait to find out how the end was going to play out. I think, out of all the characters, I related to Sharon’s the most. Somewhat older woman, with a good head on her shoulders, and a bit in tune to the “offish” behaviors of Bianca. I know that I have also run into a Bianca or two in my life.

There was one other character that I wanted to seriously smack the hell out of, “Molly.” Oh… My… God this woman was atrocious! Demanding, lying, holier than thou. She made a great subplot in the book. I think a spinoff story of Molly’s character would be phenomenal. I would love to know what in her life path lead her to become the kind of woman she is.

If you’re into Chick Lit, and you want a good suspenseful book that will make your hackles rise read this book. The author, Tara McTiernan, does a wonderful job with writing a sociopath into a social scene. They are all around us, living and “normal” human beings. 



2 responses to “Book Case #10 – Cocktail Hour

  1. Thanks so much for reviewing! Thrilled that you enjoyed it! 🙂

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