Book Case #14 – Floating Staircase

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Description from Author:

Following the success of his latest novel, Travis Glasgow and his wife Jodie buy their first house in the seemingly idyllic western Maryland town of Westlake. At first, everything is picture perfect—from the beautiful lake behind the house to the rebirth of the friendship between Travis and his brother, Adam, who lives nearby. Travis also begins to overcome the darkness of his childhood and the guilt he’s harbored since his younger brother’s death—a tragic drowning veiled in mystery that has plagued Travis since he was 13. Soon, though, the new house begins to lose its allure. Strange noises wake Travis at night, and his dreams are plagued by ghosts. Barely glimpsed shapes flit through the darkened hallways, but strangest of all is the bizarre set of wooden stairs that rises cryptically out of the lake behind the house. Travis becomes drawn to the structure, but the more he investigates, the more he uncovers the house’s violent and tragic past, and the more he learns that some secrets cannot be buried forever.

My Review:

First thing I am going to say about this book is that it has been a long while since I have read a book that freaked me out enough to roll over slowly in my bed, turn the lamp on and quickly cover my head with my blanket. I fell asleep with my light on, I was that spooked!

Travis is a writer. He writes horror stories..that all seem to absently revolve around the death of his younger brother when they were children. After years of success, Travis and his wife move from England to a small speck on the map town in New England. With the help of his older brother, Adam, they purchase a house As-Is.

This house is friggen CAHREEEPEEE!

Small child like footprints appear on the ground in his basement, which is closed in and built up like a frenzied maze of walls. A couple weeks roll by and other various creepy things begin to happen around him.   Knocks, bangs, sounds.
Then, Travis finds a mysterious door hidden in one of the chaotic walls in the basement. Travis opens the door to discover………. READ THE BOOK!

The more Travis unravels the mystery of his house, the more his family things he’s mentally falling apart. They believe he’s trying to seek forgiveness in the death of his younger brother.

Favorite characters in the book:
I love Althea. I love the reporter who helps out. 
I adore Travis’ crazy self.

Overall Feeling:
Ghosts. Death. Murder. Paranormal. Mystery…
and SLEEPING WITH THE LIGHTS ON! Thank you, Mr. Ronald Malfi, you succeeded in scaring the crap out of me… a 37-year-old woman who is well read in the world of spooky stories. I tip my hat…and seek out MORE of your books! You… are awesome.


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