Book Case #15 – Dead Souls

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Description from Author:

For eighteen-year-old Johnny Petrie, the dilapidated farmhouse in Maine meant a way out. When the letter arrived saying he had inherited an estate from a man he’d never heard of before, Johnny knew he could finally escape the hell of living with his religious zealot mother and drunken father. He didn’t realize that the hell he was moving into would be far, far worse.

The previous owner of the estate was Benjamin Conroy, a man obsessed with securing eternal life for himself and his family-even if he had to kill them to do it. Conroy’s ultimate ritual, a perverse ceremony of blood and butchery, went hideously wrong, denying him the immortality he sought, leaving him and his family dead. But now that Johnny has arrived at the house, Conroy’s spirit will have a second chance….

My Review:

The title and description of this book is what lead me to hunt down the author/publisher to see about a review copy. It sounded like a great paranormal ghostly book, and in a sense it was.

The book was an easy read. I followed the life of Johnny Petrie, but in two different aspects. The first was in flashback for when he was a 1-year-old. The following chapter was when he was 18-years-old. The book proceeded this way until it met up to current events taking place.

Somber, spooky and ritualistic. This book follows along the lines of classic horror.  The only part of the book that seemed to lose my interest was the beginning. The ritual(s) taking place was slow paced and repetitive.  It lost my interest. I really did not feel the book picked back up until we met 18-yr-old Johnny Petrie.

I think the author writes well. His descriptive efforts were engaging and easily visible in the mind’s eye. The idea of secret codes in the Bible was interesting, like “The Di Vinci Code” by Dan Brown. I like puzzles and mysteries, and that aspect is what kept me reading this book.

The book captured the eyes of “Chiller” tv network which adapted a film from the novel.  Save time and watch the movie.

On a 5 star system, I’d give this book 3.5



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