Review Question and Updates

I have a question for fellow reviews, and even authors if they want to answer. 

I received a couple books to review. I have read a few chapters into the books, but they really have not captured my interest. I try to give every book a chance, my favorite genres’ or not, before I put the book down. 

I know that I owe something to the author for the review copy, but what do I say? 

Reviewers: If you have had a similar experience, how did you handle it?

Authors: If you are reading this and would like answer this question, please do to help me out: If you’re an author and you have sent a review copy to a reader, how do you want it handles if they are not into the book? Do you want a detailed email why? Do you just want a quick follow up email? 

With that said, I have updated my Case Schedule:

Case Schedule


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