Book Case #17 – Disconnection

Book and Author Details:
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Description from Author:

There is a serial killer on the loose in New Orleans. Someone is branding, stabbing and strangling young girls. Their mutilated bodies are being found in the depths of the Mississippi River.

Beleaguered Detective Lewis Kline and his colleagues believe the occult may be involved, but they have no leads. And the killer shows no sign of slowing down.

Then Sela, a troubled young woman, finds a stranger’s cell phone in a dark Bourbon Street bar. When it rings, she answers it. On the other end is Chloe Applegate. The serial killer’s most recent victim.

So begins Sela’s journey into a nightmare from which she cannot awaken, a descent into madness out of which she cannot climb… as she finds herself the target of an almost incomprehensible evil.

My Review:
This was a fun book to read. Everybody knows that one girl, troubled, independent, strong, intelligent…. Sela is a perfect written example of the 20 something trouble woman. The only thing that confused me about her character was that she was in her 20ish, but made a lot of references to the mid 1990s grunge era. I think the character would have been a bit young to really remember it. If that’s the worse thing about this book, then it’s not too bad.

This is a combination of a great serial killer novel intermingled with a love story and a lead detective with a strange medical issue as a side topic. I could not help but giggle and laugh every time Det. Lewis Kline’s character came on scene.

I really enjoyed Dean and his cute, geeky characteristics. I was spooked by Chloe’s character.

I read this book quickly and was not disappointed in the end. I love how Sela forged a relationship with Chloe, and how Chloe eventually helped her in the end.

This is a suspenseful book filled with twists and turns. I, however, have read many of these books and figured out the killer’s identification quickly into the book. I even figured out the “why” of it as well. 

It would have been great if the author went a bit more in to the history of the “Fish Hook” symbol, especially after Det. Kline discovered it with his daughter. Maybe a flash back to that era covering the when and why it was used, etc.

I would love to have read how the serial killer came about the “Fish Hook” symbol, how he determined to incorporate it into his life, and how he eventually became under the control of entity.

 This is overall, a great novel for the author to segue into writing. I would love to see more of her work. She can twist and turn a story into a very creative outcome. She is a strong writer with a wonderful road ahead of her.

Overall Review: Buy the book. Enjoy a newish Indie Author. You won’t be disappointed. I recommend it to anyone who loves books about ghosts, murders, suspense and the likes.



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