Book Case #18 – A Madman’s Song

A Madman's Song

Book and Author Details:
Author Jim Martin
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Description from Author:

When newly divorced Leslie Bradford moves herself and her nine year old son, Cody, to the picturesque town of Millford Springs, she believes it to be the perfect place for a fresh start. But soon after after settling into their new home, Cody sees a dark shape lurking outside his bedroom and begins to suffer troubling visions. Within days a senseless and savage crime leave the small community stunned, and Leslie’s own worst fears are imagined after Cody mysteriously vanishes in the night. Along with Evan Reece, the town sheriff, Leslie soon uncovers a troubling secret from the town’s past involving the abduction of a young girl – a secret that may also hold the key to her own son”s whereabouts. But they will have to work fast to save not only Cody, but the the town itself. It seems the dead girl has come back… and so has her killer.

My Review:
CREEPY, EERIE, SPOOKY!! This book has it all. 

New family, Leslie and her son Cody, relocate after a divorce. They find a quaint little town and buy a beautiful old home with a history. As they readjust to their life in a small town, crazy things begin to happen around them. 

One of the great things I loved about this book was the fact there weren’t any sex scenes. There was just a pleasant and steady growth of attraction between two Leslie and Evan. I think the author’s depiction of their relationship in a wonderful manner. I am so tired of reading books where the main character finds a love interest and there’s a steamy sex scene 1-2 days after their meeting. It’s so refreshing to see a “developing” relationship in a healthy manner.

The author also did a fabulous job with describing the hauntings, spirits and evilness inside Walter’s mind. Holy Chilling Tales, Batman! I was slow to start this book, but once I gained speed and was engaged in the paranormal plot of “A Madman’s Tale” I could not put the story down. I went from page 60 to page 253 in a period of just a couple hours. Yes, this book is THAT good.

The story is suspenseful and creepy.  It even had a flair of “Poltergeist” in it. I loved how well the author went into detail over the spirit children. The scene on Halloween absolutely had me on edge. Being haunted is one thing… being haunted by freaky children…

I loved Harriet’s character. I loved Dorothy. I loved Cody’s character.

If you’re into ghost stories, murder, mayhem and the paranormal… and a little bit of Zelda Rubenstein… READ THIS BOOK!!

Overall Review:
Buy the book. Buy the Kindle Edition. JUST BUY THIS AUTHOR’S WORK! SUPPORT HIS EFFORTS so he’ll put out more effin’ fantastic books.


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