Book Case #19 – Ghosts of Demons Past

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Description from Author:

“Well, Mr. Gabriel. What do you know about…demons?”

For most people, that’s a question that never comes up. Medium Seth Gabriel isn’t most people and for him, it’s another normal day in an abnormal life.

It’s bad enough that his love life has seen better days but his personal problems are only the half of it. Seth’s ghost hunting business, SG Cleaning Services hasn’t seen a client in weeks and he’s desperate for a paycheck. Things look up when two potential clients seek him out.

When the nervous and persistent Evan Gallagher enters his life, Seth sees the promise of a big payday. There’s only one catch. The wealthy lawyer thinks his wife is possessed by a demon. Seth doesn’t believe in demons…not anymore, but the money is too good to turn down. Is Evan crazy or is he one hundred percent sane? As Seth digs deeper, he’ll ask the same question of himself.

For a guy who’s coasted through life on not much more than Greek takeout, tequila, and attitude, Seth’s going to have to dig deep to survive what will turn out to be a very bad week.

My Review:
I think a sequel is definitely needed. I demand other supporters of this book to rally together and demand another Seth Gabriel book. What is not to love about this book? Demons, ghosts, paranormal, psychic medium, sex (and lots of it), hookers, tequila….and the same campy quality of Evil Dead. If this were ever to be adapted into movie form, I would pay double to see Bruce Campbell play Seth.

To know anything about Demons, you must first believe in demons. Seth is a drunk on Hornitos, down on his luck, psychic medium… those are three horrible ingredients to make up a person, fictional or nonfictional. He’s going through a divorce, trying to prove to his 12-year-old son that his business and life are worthwhile, convincing his soon-to-be ex that he is a good father, and then add the ghosts on top of it.

Seth saves his #1 go to hooker, Jamie from trouble she gets in to. His, “She’s a hooker, you’re a client. Don’t get attached” mantra totally fails, as they are both burned out cigarette butts in the gutter of humanity… But you can’t NOT love them. I actually kind of got weepy when Seth pulled Jamie aside and said, “I can tell you feel like you owe me for letting you stay here.  Get that thought right out of your head.  I don’t expect you to pony up your share of the rent with blow jobs and screwing, dig?  After the shit you went through last night, you’re probably not up for it anyway.  And that’s cool.  Totally cool.  I get it.  That’s not why I let you stay.  I let you stay because…because it was the right thing to do.” …. ok, as fucked up as that is… can we give the author a shout out to the author… I don’t think it’s possible for Seth’s personal mantra to exist after this. . . 

I love everything about this book, well almost. The only thing I really was unable to wrap my mind around were the high school flashbacks. Either devote enough of the book to go more thoroughly into it, or cut it from the production table. … OR…. add it into a sequel.

I ABSOLUTELY EFFIN love Homer’s A Real American Gyro. Homer is … is just that perfect neighbor/boss/friend that makes books worth reading.
I even love his old, gnarly, landlady. Hell, even they need love too.

Overall Thoughts:
READ THIS DELIGHTFUL, GRITTY, DIRTY, SEXUAL paranormal/psychic medium book. It’s funny, it’s campy, it has moved to the top of my 2013 favorites list. 

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