Book Case #20 – The Helper

Book and Author Details:
The Helper by Rekha Ambardar 
Publisher Untreed Reads
The Helper on Google Books
The Helper on Amazon

Description from Author:

Evan Lavigne has his hands full being a single parent to his young son and daughter, plus dealing with life after his wife, Tessa, drowns in the lake near their cottage.

As if out of nowhere, a mysterious young woman, who calls herself Deirdre, appears and takes over the household and the children. Did she just materialize from the lake? She could well have, judging by her knowledge of marine life.

Just when they all settle into a tranquil domesticity and Evan asks Dierdre to marry him, Evan’s agent raises doubts in his mind. As the wedding day approaches, the mystery surrounding Dierdre deepens. Is Dierdre truly the new love of his life, or something far more malevolent?

My Review:
This is a short story written by Rehkah Ambardar. It was a creative and pleasant read. Rehkah has good ability to describe emotions into a situation. Creative take on a spirit/ghost. I really enjoyed this short story. I think this would be a great novel if the author wanted to expand on it.


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