Book Case #21 – Astoria


Continuing short story from: 
S.P. Miskowski’s “Knock Knock”
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Book and Author Details:
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S.P. Miskowski

Omnium Gatherum Publshing

Description from Author:

In the aftermath of a shattering tragedy, Ethel Sanders flees her hometown of Skillute in search of a safe place where she can recuperate. She has discarded friends and family in a desperate bid for a new life, yet something is not right in the hideaway she’s chosen. Strange images of the past pursue her, even in her dreams. Are they harbingers of the future, reminders of recent events, or her own, personal demons come to stake their final claim?

My Review

As mentioned above, I had the chance to read, “Knock, Knock” by S.P. Miskowski for a review. When I seen, “Astoria” in Omnium’s website, I sent over an email requesting to read the continuation story by the same author. It was sent over without haste…and I am not disappointed.

I love when authors pick up where they left off, and in the case of Astoria, not only did she pick up where she left off, she did it from another view point of one of the characters. I am very pleased that she chose the view point of Ethel and her daughter.

Ethel’s daughter, Connie Sara, was only touched on briefly towards the end of, “Knock, Knock” but to me she was one of the most pivotal characters in that book. When I picked up Astoria and found that it was a description of what it was like being the mother of this demonic hell spawn, it was simply pleased. I hated leaving the other book with unanswered questions and a need for deeper detailing…”Astoria” definitely caters to my want.

This story flowed so well I was able to zip through it in one afternoon of page turning. It’s suspenseful and griping. S.P. does so well with character creation and building on character’s emotions. She is a fine writer with strong imaginative capabilities that build around a dark and suspenseful horror filled afternoon.

The horror in this book is subtle, deep and though provoking.

I am now off to find “Delphine Dodd” the prequel to all the strangeness in the stories by S.P…and the Pacific Northwest.

Thank you for the books to review!


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