Book Case #24 – Beneath the Willow


Book and Author Details:
Beneath the Willow on GoodReads
Beneath the Willow on Amazon
Gemma Farrow’s Website

Description from Author:

A story of love, death and betrayal.

Thomas loves Keziah; he’ll do anything for her. On a night out with friends, Keziah calls Thomas. Something terrible has happened. A new reality is born and Thomas is trapped in a nightmare. Should he stand by Keziah and help conceal her secret or contemplate something far worse? The problem is love doesn’t die easily. This is something Thomas learns.

‘The heart’s the trouble.’ Keziah said.

My Review:

Amazing short story! I would love to see this developed into a full novel. So much was said in such a short, quick read. The author is imaginative and writes in the styles of Edgar Allen Poe and Dean Koontz. Cryptic, creepy and engaging. I am honored she asked me to review her short story. This is just a quick glimpse of a writer with great potential.
Because it is a short story, there isn’t much I can say about it without giving away all the details. If you chose to read it, it really  is a wonderful, quick read.


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