Book Case #26 – Repeaters


Book and Author Details:
Repeaters on Good Reads
Repeaters on Amazon
Author’s information: Erica Ferencik
Waking Dream Press

Description from Author:

Repeaters are everywhere. Their bodies bear the marks of their death: a gunshot scar, a rope burn at the neck, the slash of a knife. They are the murdered among us; slipping out of one life and instantly forced into another, and another. Nothing will free them from this endless cycle of return, except to love another human being. Of all Repeaters, one has come back more than any of the others. Ruthless, charismatic Dr. Astra Nathanson seems to have everything – a brilliant career as a psychiatrist, wealth and great beauty. But her inability to love has doomed her to an endless half-life as a Repeater. Until now. This time, she will do anything to have the love she needs for a final demise, even if she has to betray her own flesh and blood to claim it.

My Review:

Wow. Ruthless, as the description above states, is no where near the proper word for Dr. Astra Nathanson. This book is creative and clever, well rounded and filled with suspense, mystery and cool callousness. 

Erica does a fantastic job of creating a new idea, or theory, around reincarnation. Taking elements from common beliefs she has woven together a tight web of  “Fatal Attraction” meets “Chances Are.” The chapters are quick, so you find yourself whipping through this book in now time. The plot is easy to follow. The creepiness, however, lingers well after the book has been put down.

I could not find any loop holes in the book, any plot deviations, it was strongly written thriller based around a well established doctor of psychiatry  Dr. Astra Nathanson, who is a Repeater. She has lived many lives and is brought back because she has never learned the lesson put forth on this earth. She is so cold and calculated, she gives birth to a daughter, Kim Nathanson, in hopes to find the love she needs to leave this earth finally. When her daughter is more than she can handle, she abandons her.

Years later, with the prompting of her fiance’ Constantine  Kim calls her mother to let her know she is engaged to be married. Dr. Astra Nathanson insists that they come and see her. It all goes down hill from there. Crazy, witty, twisted and riveting.

This book will make me think twice about people with scars or birthmarks. This is a definite must read for 2013! It will quickly be added to my “Best Paranormal of 2013” list on Good Reads.

I would pay full ticket prices in today’s movie theaters if this were developed properly into a movie. 

My Dream Cast:
Dr. Astra Nathanson: Demi Moore
Constantine: Ian Somerhalder
Kim: Ellen Page
Lucy: Georgie Henley
Lucy’s Mom: Ashley Judd
Peter: Ty Panitz


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