Book Case #31 – Parasylum II


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Description from Author:

The renegades of time past- walk through corridors that house the evil of many years. Time bandits one might say, yet those gangsters who ran amuck in history, are now running around behind closed doors alive still. Prohibition, gambling, robbing banks, murder, the crime syndicate ran things that took over the country and are still here. Times of the tough and those who wanted to survive, survived the best way they knew how, or they just ended up dead! The speakeasy’s, grand hotels, and gambling houses lined the boulevards of many vast cities. Gangs formed taking cuts in territory, money and even in prostitution rings. Many of the notorious left their trademarks on many lives throughout the early parts of the twentieth century, only to create one of the most read about historical times ever. Fast forward to modern times, as news stories carry interest still in the public eye. Who were these felons, these sophisticated, well dressed and yes even at times, well-mannered men and women, who called themselves Gangsters? The whispers of yesteryear still are somewhat ignored, but there’s one place that speaks volumes as the echoes linger…The Rendezvous Hotel-Register won’t you!

My Review:

I finished Parasylum and promptly was sent Parasylum II from author Robbie Thomas. After the end of Parasylum, I found myself mourning the loss of a novice, but knowledgeable, paranormal investigations team. When I cracked the digital spine Parasylum II, I was shocked to find the same team regrouping to investigate the Rendezvous Hotel. . . .

Just when you thought the first book was over, a new dream state begins. Is this the real life…. or is this just fantasy…?

Robbie Thomas takes his personal experience, knowledge and expertise in the paranormal realm and combines his creative writing skills to once again create a masterpiece horror story. I was completely enthralled with the team. I said it before, and I will say it again, Robbie does an effin fantastic job “painting” the interpersonal relationship amongst the team members in the Parasylum novels.

Parasylum is back and it’s scarier than ever! Robbie Thomas has once again proven he is a master at writing horror. The fear is palatable and without a doubt will have your heart pounding and you at the edge of your seat.

I am completely obsessed with anything from the roaring 20s to the pin-up 40s. The team in Parasylum II find their way into an investigation at a historic hotel.  A glimpse into the hotel’s history, you will find classic mobsters, rum runners, prohibition and that classic Speak Easy feeling. In all, it would put Chicago’s history to shame. Mobsters were hell in flesh, one can only imagine what they are like in death. The team begins to question reality, and their sanity, when confronted with demonic forces who currently run the hotel. With death piling high, team members disappearing, and chaos abound, will the team be able to escape alive?

As a paranormal investigator myself, and a psychic medium, I am in love with the writing and stylings of the story lines in both the Parasylum novels. Robbie does a job well done and I look forward to future books of his.
These books are great for horror lovers, paranormal enthusiasts, or anyone looking for a good scare!



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