Honest and Integrity 100%


It has been noted, and noticed, on Facebook of a group that is promoting to authors “5-star reviews” regardless of the quality of the written work. Because reviewers are important to authors, and authors are important to reviewers, we have a need to keep an honest, open and integral relationship with one another. An author acquaintance friend posted on his blog, “Scam Alert” regarding this very scenario.

This is why I am posting this blog. I give honest and heartfelt reviews as a reviewer. You’re gifting me your prize possession, your baby, your … creative “Frankenstein”.  I will hold it dear, never share and promise to give an honest, open review filled with integrity.

I f I do not like your writing, for whatever reason, I will give detailed reasons why. At times, I will give exact examples to share. At anytime that I give a more negative review, I promise to ALWAYS back it up with positives of the book as well.

I do not always turn the reviews around in a quick and timely manner, but I do eventually get to them.

These are my promises to you, dear author/publisher, who has given me the opportunity to work for you.

I have references as well, if needed.



3 responses to “Honest and Integrity 100%

  1. Reblogged this on Room With Books and commented:
    If not an honest review, why bother reading the book? I, too, will share my reviews and references with any author asking.

  2. Elizabeth Delana Rosa

    Reblogged this on Elizabeth Delana Rosa and commented:
    So true!

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