Book Case #32 – Soft Targets


Book and Author Details:
Soft Targets on Amazon
Soft Targets on Good Reads
Soft Targets on Net Galley
Author John Gilstrap
Author John Gilstrap’s Facebook
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.

Description from Author:

Four children’s lives hang in the balance. A vicious criminal is on the loose. With law enforcement at a dead end, there’s only one man who can recover the hostages–Jonathan Grave.

FBI Special Agent Irene Rivers is horrified to learn that because of mistakes made by agents under her command, a murderer and child molester will walk free. When Irene’s own daughters become the monster’s next targets, she reaches out in desperation to an elite Special Forces operator. His name is Jonathan Grave. For Grave, results matter more than procedures. Together, they discover a new kind of justice–and a new breed of evil. . .

My Review:

When I read a book for review, I try not to do too much research on it so it is an unbiased review. I do not read other reviews, the author’s website/facebook page, etc., until after I have finished reading, started notes on my review and begin pulling it together. That is why I am pleasantly surprised that my review follows along well with what the author had written on his facebook page:   It’s a novella–about one-third the length of my novels–and it tells the story of how Jonathan first came to work with Irene Rivers, long before she became the director of the FBI.” – John Gilstrap.

When I read this book, I was unaware it was a novella. As I finished the book I thought to myself, “Man, this would make the great beginning to a series of novels based on the two main characters.” I was excited to see that it was in fact a living, thriving series from John Gilstrap. 

With that said, this is definitely something I would enjoy. I am glad I was one of the few who had the chance to read the prequel of their lives before jumping into the series. I like having the back story. I like knowing what brought the individuals together, makes them tick, makes them a cohesive investigative unit. I am glad the author piqued my interest and left me eager for more. This novella, “Soft Targets” is a perfect segue into the heart of his passion: Jonathan Grave and Irene Rivers.

This novella is a fast paced, edge of seat sitting, “can’t get enough” story. John Gilstrap is a strong author when it comes to stirring emotions and building a story around them.

Irene Rivers is an FBI agent whose team botched up a major investigation and arrest of a pedophile. When her case hits her right in the heart, she has a quick decision to make: Uphold her shield as an agent or toss credentials to the side and stand up for her family. Any woman, any person with a child, thrown into the very same mix would find themselves with the hardest decision of their life. 
In steps Jonathan Graves, mysterious, knowledgeable and passionate followed by a gruff, giant of a side kick. He has the funds and the compassion to follow through, regardless of laws and regulations.

 This novella is wonderfully packed with tension, emotions, and the scum of society. I know for a fact it is a great advertisement to get me into buying or scoping out his other novels in the series.




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