Book Case #36 – Diary of the Gone


Book and Author Details:
Diary of the Gone on Good Reads
Diary of the Gone on Amazon
Ivan Amberlake Author Website
Ivan Amberlake’s Facebook Page
Breakwater Harbor Books

Description from Author:

Callum is haunted by the dead. The only thing that keeps them away is a diary he has found in the basement of his house.

After he moves to a godforsaken town of Olden Cross, the haunting stops. But one day Callum and his friend Nathan find something terrible.

And then the dead reappear.

Callum’s existence turns into a living hell. Boys and girls Callum’s age start disappearing, and when Callum least expects it, his diary goes missing.

My Review:

I got this book free on Amazon when it was doing a free promotional download. Like most of the other books I download or review, it was billed as a paranormal novel.

Callum is like every other teenage boy…. his older sister hates him, he’s from a broken family who moves to a small, nondescript town. There’s a bully in school who hates him, a friend who’s dating his crush, and his best friend who’s overly adventurous. Then his friend disappears creating a domino effect in their town. But the kicker is, Callum can see the dead. He is haunted by spirits and has been since he was born.

When his best friend disappears, things begin to take place leading Callum and his haunting spirits on thread to unravel the past of their town.

This definitely was a cute, fun book. I wouldn’t say it was overly creepy, spooky and haunted. It makes for a wonderful Young Adult/Paranormal novel, even with hints of Y/A Paranormal Romance.

Not bad for a beginning author.



One response to “Book Case #36 – Diary of the Gone

  1. Thank you so much for your review of DotG, Regan!

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