Book Case #37 – Forgotten Burial

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Description from Author:

When Jodi Foster returned to her California hometown with her young daughter, she never could have imagined the terror and confusion she experienced in the nights that followed. On top of her terrifyingly real nightmares of abduction and murder, Jodi witnessed lights flashing on and off, clocks going haywire, and her daughter’s doll repeatedly screaming, “I feel great!” Forgotten Burial tells Jodi’s true paranormal story unraveling the mystery behind the unsolved case of a missing young woman, Madeline Isabella Johnson.

After moving into Madeline’s last known residence, Jodi and her daughter reveal clues about what happened to the disappeared girl through ghostly encounters, vivid dreams, and divine intervention. Join Jodi on her reality-bending adventure as she works with police to bring justice to this disturbing, yet ultimately uplifting story.

My Review:

I was eager for this book. I found it on both the Net Galley and Llewellyn Publishing websites. I reached out to the author for a chance to obtain the book. I received notification through my Net Galley account and I could not wait to dig into it. I hate it when I get totally excited and then get totally stuck in the middle of a so-so book.

As I am not sure if this is a ARC copy that is provided prior to the editing process or not, but, I was completely deterred by the horrible grammar, spelling, and just plain misuse of words. In example, the author is talking about a fort her and her siblings made in the woods as children. They created a “fairy realm” and even had a song they made up for it. In writing out the song, the author used the word, “ferry” as opposed to “fairy”. I know this is benign, somewhat. However, in the end when there’s a strong thread of improper word forms used, it becomes a hindrance on the book as a whole. I hope that this is the case, in fact an unedited review copy, and not the one you can order online. There were just so many errors it made it hard to keep an even reading flow from beginning to end.

Fairy – A tiny imaginary being in human form, depicted as clever, mischievous, and possessing magical powers.
Ferry – a boat or ship for conveying passengers and goods, esp. over a relatively short distance and as a regular service.

The book description has one believing this is the story of a woman who is terrorized by an unknown entity and seeks out answers, in turn, finding a victim with a story. However, this book could easily be cut in half.
Story of the haunting and victim…. Story of the author’s bizarre upbringing, religious beliefs and bible study verses.

I think a lot of the book could be cut out and make for a more easy flowing, cohesive novel. I understand the importance of letting the reader know your state of mind and upbringing, especially when elaborating on a potential haunted situation, but the depths the author went through were a little far and beyond entertainment. I wanted the meat of the story, the ghost, the killing, the haunting. I did not care to read about certain bible scriptures that helped the author through on a daily basis. I can get the gist of what is being implied by stating, “This happened again… I prayed. My daughter and I prayed together…” etc. I do not need a study lesson on certain scriptures or religious specifics.

I was also a little lost on why we went into the depths of her childhood, trials and tribulations. I understand the importance of telling the reader she had spiritual encounters as a child too. However,  sideline stories like cooking the rabbits only made for a detour that was not needed in the book.

The book was not all bad. The subject line is awesome. How often do spirits really get to help out in their disappearance, murder, death, etc? I think the author has a golden egg here, but I also think it needs cleaned up, reedited (if it has been already) or edited (if it hasn’t been yet), and more focused. Its road mapping in the novel takes you all over the authors mind. It’s almost like she had to get as much as she could out without someone saying, “Just stick to this point here…”

I’d give the book 3 stars on a scale. Entertaining, interesting, spooky… but needs to be cleaned up somewhat.


I had a long conversation with the author this afternoon. I was given an older copy to review, a copy that was known to have a bunch of errors before Llewellyn Publishing took over publication of Jodi’s book.

With that said, the book has gone through a thorough editing process through Llewellyn and is due to launch February 2014.

I stand by my review. I still feel that this could easily been made into two books: One about her life and budding psychic abilities and one about this very incident regarding her apartment. Jodi is an articulate, understanding, and wonderful person.  I enjoyed my conversation with her today, and plan on interviewing her for my blog. Keep an eye out for a future blog entry interviewing the author.


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