Book Case #38 – Cold Mourning

Expected Publication Date: March 1, 2014
Publisher: Dundurn

Book and Author Details:
Cold Mourning’s Website
Cold Mourning on Good Reads
Cold Mourning on Amazon
Author Brenda Chapman’s Blog
Author Brenda Champan’s Website

My Review:
I received an advance copy from Net Galley for review purposes, thank you Net Galley and Dundurn Publishing. 

This is the first book in a new crime series revolving around Kala Stonechild and Jacque Rouleau. Kala is a Native/Aboriginal woman from Native Canada. She had a rough start in life living in foster homes and reservations. She had a cousin, another Native, who she grew up with. Unspeakable things happen to them while in the care of the system. One grew up and went one way, the other grew up and became a cop. 

15+ years later we meet Kala in her adult years. She has left her life behind to take on a new position with the Ottawa Police Dept. The job is part of a new “group” of special investigators created to help the overflow with the major crimes unit. Day one on the job was trial by fire, being thrown right into a major murder of a rich businessman. While Kala helps the team find out who the murder is, she continues to follow her gut instinct while the rest of the team follow a different lead. Her instinct pay out in the end. 

During the murder investigation, Kala is also troubled by her past and it drives her to find her long lost “cousin” from her foster home years. In the meantime she also solves a “grab-n-go” groper case. 

Kala is dark, brooding, intelligent and haunted. She makes for a great character in crime murder mystery books.

I am unsure if it is a Net Galley issue, as this is the third book with errors, or if it’s just a flux of books that have been released/to be released lately. 
Cold Mourning was difficult to get through because of the flow in the writing.

The writer does not have topic/paragraph/page breaks. She will be talking about Kala…. and the next paragraph is from the eyes of someone not even apart of the original thought thread. It was all very confusing. I found myself backing up and rereading the paragraph before hand to make sure I was following along properly.
I think that something to indicate a new point of view would be incredibly helpful. 

Other than that, the author is a strong author. She did a great job leading you askew and having you guess who the real murderer was. She also left you guessing who really were victims. I was shocked to find out in the end who the murderer was.

This is worth the read. I just hope that it’s an issue with the version I received for Kindle and not the book itself. 

Description from Author:

It’s a week before Christmas when wealthy businessman Tom Underwood disappears into thin air — with more than enough people wanting him dead.

New police recruit Kala Stonechild, who has left her northern Ontario detachment to join a specialized Ottawa crime unit, is tasked with returning Underwood home in time for the holidays. Stonechild, who is from a First Nations reserve, is a lone wolf who is used to surviving on her wits. Her new boss, Detective Jacques Rouleau, has his hands full controlling her, his team, and an investigation that keeps threatening to go off track.

Old betrayals and complicated family relationships brutally collide when love turns to hate and murder stalks a family



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