Book Case #40 – Red Mountain

Book and Author Details:
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Description from Author:

The identity of every undercover cop in New York City is in the hands of a murderer.

After the chief of NYPD’s Intelligence Division is murdered veteran detective Mickey Reidel is assigned to investigate. Walt Bergman’s body has been found in a house no one knew he owned. During a harrowing night Mickey races to avert a catastrophe. His bosses believe it was a terrorist act but Mickey suspects Walt’s wife, Michelle, a woman with whom he shares a dark secret.

My Review:

The story is titled a ” Detective DiPino” novel, however, it seemed to revolved around a Detective 1st Grade, Mickey Reidel. Either way, the story was entertaining. The character build up was well written.

Author David Thayer does a pretty good job building and turning the plot in this story. However, being a book junkie, I figured out the ending and who the master mind was behind it all.

The story was a little hard to get into at first, but once the detective reached the crime scene it picked up. There were so many subplots that I had a hard time at points keeping up with who was who, who was doing what, and what the outcome was.

Not a bad novel, however. Good crime mystery. Author is a strong author and I would probably pick up more from this series.



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