Book Case #43 – Tenderloin


Book and Author Details:
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Description from Author:

She’s short. She’s feisty. She’s sexy. She’s Mom. FBI Agent Abby Kane is back.

Life in San Francisco could not be better for FBI Agent Abby Kane and family. With white-collar crimes dominating her work schedule, chasing deranged killers is a thing of the past, until the body of a dead DEA agent pops up in Bogotá.

Ordered to Colombia for answers, Abby’s investigation takes her deep into the Amazon jungle where she discovers evidence of strange experiments at a rundown lab. When she later crosses paths with one of the scientists involved, she learns that a new drug has been invented, and its danger isn’t the addictive high but the terrifying side effects.

Abby believes the cartels are behind the drug, but the locals think it’s one man. They call him the Monster.

My Review:

Another book I received for review from Net Galley. This is a FBI thriller/suspense book based around a bad ass FBI Agent by the name of Abby Kane. Apparently this is the second book in the series. I enjoyed it very much.

Abby is a spitfire FBI Agent who is widowed with two children. She’s a full time mom, with the help of her loving rival, and mother-in-law, “Po Po”. In the midst of fighting everyday crime, she’s called out to Columbia to assist DEA’s office in the bazaar murder of one of their agents. 

Upon arrival to Columbia, she’s paired with another local DEA agent who is very … Antonio Bandaresque. This is about when the book kind of lost its appeal to me. It became more about the subtle, not so subtle, attractions between Agent Cane and Special Agent Dominic Cabrera. 

I would say the best part of this book was the indigenous tribe the agents had to infiltrate to gather further information. The whole “become one with the tribe” was actually pretty funny. 

The plot thickens as they realize the killer of their agent … is something a bit more sinister than man or animal.  

The Ortega brothers are both genetic scientists. Both brothers are working for Faro Zapata, and his boss is a drug lord, El Monstruo. The bosses have a special interest in the drug the Ortega brothers are working on. 

The book was a bit suspense, romance and scifi. … 

But the book was also highly predictable. It was midline for me. It kept my attention enough to finish the book, but not enough to get other books in the series. 



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