Book Case #45 – Broken

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Description from Author:

A mother is murdered in an apparent robbery.

A young woman is raped and beaten in a home invasion.

Chicago Detective Alicia “Berg” Raymond doesn’t believe in random crime and is certain both cases are more than they seem—but can she trust her instincts, or is she too distracted by the feelings she has for former partner and new boss? For Berg, the need for justice burns deep and fills the emptiness where therapy and relationships fall short.

She’s certain the husband knows more than he’s willing to admit, but the trap to catch the killer is the loophole that sets him free.

The rapist is caught and sent to prison, but when Berg gets closer to the family devastated by his depravity, their behavior doesn’t add up.

As Berg fights to prevent another murder, she crosses the line between hero and villain—and there’s no turning back.

My Review:

This book .. whoah.. THIS Book!

A little insight on the author of “Haunted Book Case”… I have been diagnosed with clinical depression/situational depression years ago. It is very important that I mention this prior to reviewing “Broken” by Vanessa Skye. . . as it is very pertinent to where my mind was just prior to starting this novel. I had a depression breakdown about a week before starting this book. Little did I know, when requesting this book for review from Net Galley, that I’d be reading a book that reflects my soul at current state. 

Biggest plus of this book was the creative use of song lyrics before the start of each chapter. So poignant, so stark, so dead on. The way the author writes about depression the lives within the main character is so gut twisting, I too found  myself hard to breathe. 

“Berg”, the main character, is an detective who  is so deeply whittled with wounds from childhood it literally incapacitates her every aspect of life: Living, Breathing, Loving and accepting Love, Communicating, Sleeping. She’s a wreck of a woman… She’s BROKEN. However, the pain and abuse from childhood makes her ONE HELL OF A DETECTIVE. Her senses are sharp. She sees things her male counterparts cannot. She has the highest closure rate on cases. 

However, your detective skills become questionable when she tries to juggle love and her heart, her past, a new partner that is relentless about sleeping with her, and an ADA who’s a total narcissistic bitch. The characters in the book as so well written you either hurt for them, hate them, or love them.

Vanessa Skye is a strong, poetic, articulate author. Broken is a second part novel, from the “Edge of Darkness” series. I have not read the first novel, “The Enemy Inside.” The author did a fine job of creating a second book that reading the first one is not required. This is a great stand alone book, which has areas of reflection into the first novel. I would love to read this book, as I’m highly attracted to the main character, her flaws and the author’s ability to bring it all to life.

I am so very impressed with this book. It gripped my innards and ripped them out, little by little, each time Vanessa wrote about the deep, sinking, killing feeling depression has on a person.

Negatives for Me

I was a little confused as to why we had two different murders as the plot outline. One murder, Em’s, would have been sufficient enough. The two murders did not tie into each other, but, I do understand that being a detective you are working various cases at once. It just made for too many plots. I understand that the compilation of various stressors were needed to show that Berg was cracked, and cracking further.

I was thoroughly shocked that the doctor Berg was seeing did not insist on medications to help level Berg out. If she was mandated to seek counseling from the CPD, she would probably need to be medicated as well.

One Final Note

Since this book was so well written about depression, I wanted to post a few things.

Depression is not a “Get over it” or “She’s just looking for sympathy” emotion. It’s a crippling mental health issue that has hard to get a grasp of.  There is “cure” only little band-aids that are used to prolong the “happy” moments a person with depression has. . .żoloft-junkie/

Some insights on depression in the link above.



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