Book Case #47 – Inhibited


Book and Author Details:
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Description from Author:

From the author of Desperate comes the gripping tale of Raiya Bryden. A child molested. A teenager forced into prostitution. An adult sold to a deranged sociopath. A broken soul forced to take a life for a chance at her own. But can she ever escape the prison in her own mind? One man who defies everything she’s ever learned about men, and a dog with unwavering loyalty, may be the keys to unlocking the door to her future, as well as the truth about her past.

My Review:
Christine Wilkinson is a strong author. This is the second novel I have had the chance to read for review. She is creative in a psychological terror kind of way. To fathom living the lives of the women she writes about is overwhelming. She does a great job of writing the story of a victim, of abuse, and overall hate that grows in the pit of your stomach.

This is yet another story of abuse and survival. Christine does a wonderful job of writing twists and turns that leave you guessing. In the process of this book it wasn’t “Who done it?” more so than it was, “Is she going to survive?” Raiya is a strong willed character. Where most women would have given up long ago, Raiya kept fighting to become more than her “mother” sold her into.

Christine has a huge career in front of her. This is NOT a horrible book for a second novel release. I would continue to read her stories. She, so far, is one of the only authors that writes well enough to keep me intrigued until the end of the book. I pick her books up at bedtime and close them somewhere around 2 a.m. That is saying a lot for me. I look forward to seeing what else she writes and where her new career ends up taking her.

If you can stomach the content of what she writes about, you will be intrigued and entangled in her stories as well.

Sexual assault, abuse, prostitution, and pedophiles. This book is NOT for the weak of heart. This book is also not for anyone who suffers from PTSD or easy triggers from their past. 

Negative Impressions

I feel the book was a bit undone or rushed somewhat. For example, I was totally confused on the part where her father tells her that he received a call, and that her mother was alive and in the hospital. The author talks about how Raiya’s father went to visit “mom” in the hospital, who told him Raiya was dead. SO IS MOM STILL ALIVE? Or, did she die from her injuries? Or, what? I feel that the author could have expanded on this more. 

I also feel that she could have expanded on the Cove Inn situations a bit more as well. Raiya entered when she was 12 and left when she was 18, that’s six years of undisclosed story line that could have extended the book more so.

Mr. G’s is another avenue of expansion. If Luke knew he was a possible “pedophile”, when he found out who Raiya was and where she came from, I am sure they investigated his house. Raiya, at the beginning of her venture there, had the realization that other girls were there. Sick fucks like Mr. G keep mementos. I would love to see more of an investigative side to the stories and find out what other girls could be identified. I was left thinking, “Did Mr. G kill them? How did he dispose of them? Where are they now?”

I just felt so much more could be expanded on.

My last avenue of frustration would be that of the same kind of story line from Desperate; previous novel reviewed by me. Again with a female character that has suffered too many years of sexual abuse, immediately runs to the arms of a man? I just find it really hard to believe that that soon after escaping that lifestyle, Raiya would be eager to find love; especially after 13+ years of sexual torture and abuse. 



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