Book Case #49 – Fatal Reaction


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Description from Author:

Those trained to save lives might be the most skilled at taking them.

Paramedic Anneliese Ashmore’s routine shift takes a startling turn when she answers the call she was never meant to hear—a call to a crime scene where her sister, Sydney, is the victim of an overdose suicide.

The evidence says otherwise.

In the midst of a heated divorce, motive implicates Sydney’s soon-to-be ex-husband. While the police focus on the single lead, Ana makes her own discovery.

A chain of e-mails between Sydney and her surgeon’s office sets Ana on a search for answers about her sister’s recent diagnosis and the life-altering treatment that saved her. The body count rises as Ana closes in on the truth and on the man of her dreams.

With the help of Dr. Jared Monroe, an unhappily married physician with a bit of a crush, Ana uncovers a ring of greed and corruption and exposes the fact that Sydney’s medical treatment may have been the catalyst for her murder.

Unfortunately for Ana, she may be next.

My Review:

I read Belinda Frisch’s “The Cure” and “After Birth” and fell in love with her creative approach to an old topic trope; zombies. I knew from reading the first novel, “The Cure”, that I was in for a treat from her. She did not let me down. Now, 3 books later, I am glad I discovered, contacted and befriended Belinda. I have been gifted these books as review copies, and even though we’re now friends, it does not change my thoughts on her writing ability.

This book is friggen fantastic. It has an incredibly interesting theme: Medical Suspense Thriller, Unethical Doctors, Triangulated Love Affairs, and Body Part Stealing!! This books was so packed with intrigue, suspense, and the ups/downs of a love affair.

I never figured who was the suspect until I was about 3/4 of the way through the book.  Mrs. Frisch does such a phenomenal job creating characters that you fight for, root for, hate, love, and mourn when it is all over and done with.

Ana is an EMT. She lost her parents at a young age and was essentially left to be raised by her older sister Sydney.

Sydney wanted nothing more than to have a beautiful family, but was diagnosed with cancer and had to have a hysterectomy.

Sydney’s husband can’t stand the fact that she couldn’t have kids, so he stepped out on her with an atypical trailer trash, Peg Bundy, type of woman.  With a broken marriage, and an even larger broken heart, Sydney is found dead in a sleazy hotel room. Everyone on scenes says it was suicide.  But the only suicide I could see taking place in this book was that of Ana’s career.

Ana sets out to prove her sister’s death was not suicide… it was homicide.

Belinda has incredible talent depicting the lives of the characters she creates in her head. They are so real. The story line is also incredibly real; I could see myself reading the headlines of this case on Sunday’s newspaper.

This is a fantastic medical mystery written by an equally fantastic author.




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