Book Case #50 – Edge Walker and the Orb of Death

Author & Publisher Information:
Edge Walker on Amazon
Edge Walker on Facebook
K.R. McClure
Solstice Publishing

Description from Author:

When you live in a world where magic lives alongside traffic, taxes and the morning coffee, things can get a little dicey. Especially if you make your living finding things. Things that some people would prefer remain lost. Welcome to the world of Edge Walker, professional Locator. His supernatural gift for ferreting out the hidden brings in good business, spiced with an extra helping of danger. When he and his pet chupacabra, Ommers, go after the Orb of Death, you can bet the stakes will get high in a hurry!

My Review:

I am friends with K.R. McClure, but that in no way influences my view of this novelette. When I had heard that she pulled a book out of her imagination, put into print and released it to the world, I knew I had to read it. Hell, even my 17-yr-old son had to read it too.

This is such a unique and creative look at the world beyond the veil. Edge Walker locates items from the supernatural realm. He’s hired to find and bring in the orb of death. The best part of this book is his side kick, a chupacabra named Ommers.

Ms. McClure does a fabulous job of creating a world we cannot see. She’s great with character development and keeping the story interesting.

The only negative that I can say about this book is that it’s too short. I definitely would love to see it expanded into a series. I can see Edge and Oms going on a long many different, chaotic, strange, scary adventures.

It’s like Indiana Jones for the Preternatural World. 



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