Book Case #53 – Come Little Children.


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‘A hidden town. A paranormal rumor. A family secret.

The Nolan morgue is more than just an ordinary funeral home. When their newest employee uncovers a supernatural conspiracy connected to a string of child murders, she must use every shred of her intelligence to stop a new breed of serial killer and escape the morgue alive.

My Review:
First and far most, this is the second book to enter my “Best of 2014” Category! Holy crap this was awesome. Dark and haunting with a dry, quick wit that added the perfect combination of intrigue and interest.What a way to kick off the new year. D. Melhoff is a fantastic writer. Not only was I completely engaged in the book and characters, I was completely attracted to the words usage in the book. It is rare, with modern authors, that you find a novel that actually has me using the dictionary to research and define some of the words with in. I LOVE THAT!!! I am such a logophile. I need to be challenged and D. Melhoff did just that. So thank you author.

I was completely taken aback when I found out that the author was male. He has written the characteristics of the main character, Camilla, so well throughout the whole novel I was sure the the author was female. The last book I read that had me connected to the female character written by a male author was “She’s Come Undone” by Wally Lamb. I am really impressed with the author’s abilities to construct a supernatural, suspenseful and haunting tale all through the eyes of a woman.

Camilla, having just graduated from mortuary school, finds herself with a new job located in a very remote are of the Yukon. Strange things are afoot, starting with her new boss Moira Vincent. Mysterious children showing up at the Vincent’s funeral home late at night, the town’s people territorial and guarded, and the family Vincent’s’ themselves.

More than once this book reminded me very much of Pet Cemetery and Children of the Damned. Poetically and beautifully written, D. Melhoff shows strength in his work. I would love to see many more books put out by Mr. Melhoff.

Mr. Melhoff’s writing ability is superb. His creativeness is keen. I am just so impressed. Thank you again! Buy and read this book, I promise you will not be dissatisfied.

I would have written more, but, I’m afraid everything I could and would have said would have been a huge plot giveaway.



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