Book Case #54 – The Fading Place

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Charlie Van Houten is a single mother running the usual weekend errands with her beautiful baby girl Haley, until a delusional gun-wielding woman named Simone takes them hostage in their own car. As they make their way to an unknown final destination, and Simone’s paranoia spirals further out of control, Charlie must stop a different kind of monster from taking away all that she loves.

My Review:

This is a short story that takes place in the duration of a car ride. A crazy woman carjacks a single mother by gun and takes both the woman and her infant daughter hostage. We are witness the different psychological processes that Simone, the carjacker, suffers from.

She doesn’t want the car.
She doesn’t want the money that Charlie has.
She’s plotted this for a long while. She’s planned it all out down to credit card tracking and all.

All she wants is the baby.

What would you do, trapped in a car with a baby, desperate and crazy kidnapper, with no cell phone or communication with anyone?

Take a ride on a creepy, intense short story and find out more.



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