Book Case #55 – Never Alone

Never Alone

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If it weren’t for booze and one-night stands, NYPD detective Megan McGinn probably couldn’t deal with the losses in her life. She’s just buried her dad, a retired cop, and has to move her mother, ravaged by late-stage Alzheimer’s, into a nursing home. Solving a recent high-profile homicide has made Megan a reluctant celebrity, but the guilt of spending time away from her struggling family is too much to bear.

Overwhelmed by the pressure, Megan is ready to walk away from the police force, but a brutal murder brings her back. The victim, an attractive young woman, was strangled, groomed, posed . . . and worse. With heat coming from the press, city hall, and her boss, the danger escalates as Megan is forced to turn to a sadistic perp from a previous case for help.

My Review:

There is such a spin on the title, highly clever and I wonder if the author was intentional in doing so?

Never Alone is a book about an Irish Catholic NYC Homicide Detective by the name of Megan McGinn. She had just closed out an important case leaving her with a bit of notoriety. Having just lost her father, who is the world to her, she’s ready to just throw in her detective’s badge. Her partner, Sam, convinces her to check out one more cryptic, sadistic murder scene. Reluctantly, McGinn agrees.

This starts a whole spiral into religious undertones, faith and lack there of, murder and suspense. McGinn’s new case revolves around Irish Catholic beliefs, realy hitting home for her. From the Claddagh to Saint Brigid’s Cross to Saint Brigid herself, McGinn has to use her keen instinct in solving one of the most disturbing cases for her. What makes it so disturbing? The killer is tracking her now. Stealing personal items to leaving mementos after each kill, personally directed towards the lead detective herself.

This is where the cleverness of “Never Alone” comes in. McGinn, although feels utterly alone in this life now that her father has passed, comes to realize she is Never Alone. With a killer at her back and God at her front. The title of the this novel brought to mind a song called, “Never Alone” by Christian Rock group BarthlowGirl (Which was introduced to me by my fiance’.)

The whole pretense is that even if you’re alone, you’re truly never alone with God in your corner. Detective McGinn learns this as she works her way through this eerie, incredibly, novel.

Never Alone, is to be released later in 2014. You can order ARC copies and pre-order on the links above. This is book #1 in the author’s Detective Megan McGinn’s series. I will definitely read more by this author. C.J. Carpenter is a knack for creating believable and relateable characters. She is great with developing a sense of unease through her scenes. I foresee a wonderful career in this new author’s future.



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