Book Case #56 – Ghost Music

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Seattle Detective Marcus Brace is falling apart, both professionally and personally. But a brutal murder and a phone call from family long-forgotten force Marcus to face everything he’s been running from and consider how sins from the past haunt those in the present. With those closest to him targeted, Marcus is on a race to find not just a killer but also pieces of a family mystery that no one wants to acknowledge.

My Review:
So many great thing about this book, but the one I want to lead off with is the fact that it is based in Seattle. I love anything that can bring me mentally back to where my heart resides. I can envision everything from the damp, dank, dark Seattle days to the trip Detective Brace takes to Puyallup. Thank you, Mr. Linder, for gifting me an ARC copy that held a greater gift within.

Broken.. from youth to adulthood, and constantly left abandoned, Det. Brace finds himself  in a whirlwind of raw sexual attraction to another Detective in his precinct, battling “Right-Way” a straight as an arrow partner who does everything by the books, and neck deep in a murder investigation that seems to have him targeted in the eye of this storm brewing.

His fostered/surrogate family is targeted. His ex-wife is targeted. He is targeted. Hell, even his dog is targeted. He has to figure out how to make work and personal life mesh to solve this serial killer’s spree. Hopefully, by the end of the case, not only will he prove himself worthy again, but gain back is feeling of worthiness. This case finds him digging into his past, his family’s past, in hopes to regain his future.

Everything about this book, from the aesthetically pleasing cover to how well written the novel itself was, makes it the perfect crime novel. If I was working on a 5 star rating system here at Haunted Book Case, I’d give this novel 50. I definitely look forward to anything further this author puts out. He’s a fantastic writer.Very impressive with how he structures the story around you.

The next I want to cover are the stark, aching pains Det. Brace endures. I related so much to his character it hurt. My soul ached, truly and painstakingly, ached. Here are some of the quotes within the book that resonated within, even at this moment a day after finishing the book.

“Self-doubt and self-loathing are like tar: they’re sticky and the more you pull and try to remove them, the more you just seem to get the rest of you dirty.”
I know this feeling. I embody the depression that follows the sticky, dirty grime that is left behind by each negative word echoing inside.

“The gentlest of rain, only a touch more than mist, fell softly to the street. The tiny, cool drops pricked my skin just enough for the wetness to feel cleansing and invigorating without being sloppy or overwhelming. The silence of this particular version of Seattle precipitation always appeals to me.”
Awe, Seattle, I miss you. I crave your rain on my face like the wash of tears after a moment of weeping.

“…his soul atrophied with anxiety, terrified to act in the present because he couldn’t escape the past. I saw all of that and my own fear washed away, oozing from my body along with the blood that continued to drip from my wounds. Fright gave way to a warm tingling and my own choppy laughter, broken from the spasms of pain that each chuckle sent through my injured body.”
I don’t normally drop the F*bomb on my “professional” blog, but FUCK.. if this isn’t a powerful, moving sentiment.

“We need past and present to boomerang into each other. Their collisions fill in our gaps, complete our narratives and smooth over the jerky spots in the time-lapse movie that we all live. You don’t escape history; you don’t avenge history. You live history, every day, scars and all.”
Again, with the powerful punch to the a person’s psyche.



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  1. Many thanks for the review!

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