Book Case #59 – The Beginning of the End


Book and Author Details:
Mindy Larson at Good Reads
Author Website
BofE on Good Reads
BofE on Amazon FREE
Lavish Publishing

Description from Author:

In the Prequel to This Morning I Woke Up Dead, we meet Emerson Morris and her boyfriend Logan; soul mates on their path to forever after. Logan soon learns the secret to Earth and must leave Emerson behind. While Logan is hoping Emerson learns the secret too, he must fight his need to contact her or face the wrath of The Masters.
While Emerson is moving on with her life, her brother Dominic falls in love with Hadley Christensen. Hadley has a special bond with each of her Alzheimer’s patients and soon starts to have a glimpse into The Secret. She is fighting against this knowledge, but will she succeed?
Find out in “The Beginning of the End”.

My Review and Thoughts:

Remember back when I first started this review blog, I read and reviewed a book called, “This Morning I Woke Up Dead” by Mindy Larson? Well, Mindy has released a prequel with a greater introduction to the characters in her book(s).
You can get a FREE copy on Amazon right now: The Beginning of the End.

I absolutely loved Woke Up Dead. If you recall from my review, I actually cried. Mindy and her publisher reached out to me and asked if I would want to read and review Beginning of the End. I was overjoyed and said absolutely.

Beginning is a short little novel that has a deeper introduction to the characters within Woke Up Dead. I enjoyed the deeper understanding of the pain each character has. It will definitely make Book Two (Which I am eagerly awaiting) a bit more relateable.

Mindy is a wonderfully creative author. I cannot promote her books enough. Please, go to Amazon and download her free prequel, and while you’re at it, purchase “This Morning I Woke Up Dead”. You will not be disappointed.


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