Book Case #60 – Insane


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Something evil is going on in the Montgomery Psychiatric Hospital; every time there is an unexplainable blackout, a patient dies. Callie isn’t insane – she sees the ghost of her dead best friend only because he really is there. It’s just that nobody believes her.
Casey is scarred after a horrific attack during which he killed someone. Temporary insanity was his plea, and the asylum is his prison.
With fear and death lurking everywhere, and no way to escape, Callie is certain it’s only a matter of time before she or Casey, the odd boy she has an inexplicable link with, becomes the next victim of the creature in the shadows.
Trapped in the asylum with a killer on the loose, there’s plenty of reason to be afraid of the dark.

My Review:
This book is Insane! (Play on words intended).  I discovered this book by a posting in a group on Facebook that I belong to: Paranormal Book Club. Authors and Publishers post books to purchase and/or review. I found the introduction to this book to be interesting. Asylum, ghosts, mental illness… Hello!! I contacted the person who posted it and asked for a review copy. They obliged, I received and read, here’s my review.

The suspense was perfectly paired with just the right amount of romance. I felt that the author approached the romantic interludes with discretion and with enough of a tease to keep you going. It wasn’t overly done, overly sexed, nor overly mushy. I am very impressed with this author and their ability to create a intriguing relationship between mental patients. Are they crazy? Are they imagining the incidents around them?

Callie is a young woman (17-year-old) who is placed in a mental institute by her father after he deemed her mental capacity to have slipped after the death of her best friend, Chester. She is determined to escape this confines of Montgomery Psychiatric Hospital, but is caught numerous times. Until she meets Casey.

Chester is Callie’s best friend. He is also the reason she is locked down. He died and ended up coming back to her as a ghost. He’s not attached to her, coming and going as will.

Casey is a very talented young man who is a bit if an odd duck but is very musically gifted. He comes from money, leaving him vulnerable to his gold digging step-mother. He is attacked by her leaving him horribly traumatized, resulting in her death. He pleas to insanity, ending up in the mental institute.

Their world’s collide when Callie discovers she can hear Casey, and he can hear her, telepathically. Their telepathic link coincides with a bunch of power black outs that begin to happen within the mental hospital. Within the black outs murders begin happening to the inpatients.

As Casey and Callie begin the act of healing each other from their daunting past. The more things heat up between Casey and Callie, the more things fall apart between Callie and Chester (her ghostly best friend). The blackouts are getting more frequent, death toll is increasing.

Deaths, romance, spirits. Will they be able to keep their growing love and healing hearts, or will the power outage murders cause everything to topple like a Jenga game?

1. Killings during black out – Without giving too much of this fantastic book away, this was my only open question left. Did Casey do the killings? I just felt that this was left a little un-ended. I would loved to see more between the relationship between Callie and “Casey” after she makes the discovery of who he is. How did he come to her? How much did he influence everything to cause her to be forced as an impatient?



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