Book Giveaway

Author of “This Morning I Woke Up Dead”, Mindy Larson, is hosting a giveaway contest for her book.  Just click her link below to follow her facebook page. Like the page, like the comment and share it. I highly recommend this book, and this author.

Remember, you can read my review of this book at, “This Morning I Woke Up Dead

I’m feeling generous!! In keeping with the spirit of my birthday yesterday, I want to give back! I’m holding a giveaway! To enter to win a signed copy of This Morning I Woke Up Dead, by Mindy Larson 

Just like and share this status and do one of the following three:
Download one of my books (One of them is FREE)
Write a review for one of my books
Follow my blog

Leave a comment letting me know which you did! At 11:11 tomorrow I will choose a random winner. Best of luck!! – Mindy Larson


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