Book Case #61 – Spirits Among Us

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Jon-Luc Boudreaux is in Paris hunting a serial killer. That’s nothing new, neither is being haunted by the victims, but watching the murders through the killers eyes, now that’s something new entirely

After she’s blacklisted by the fashion industry in New York, Angela Henderson moves to Paris, France. Designing clothes is in her blood and she’ll stop at nothing to realize her dream.

In an effort to determine his next course of action, Jon-Luc heads to Paris to visit an old friend. The moment he arrives, he’s asked to assist with a case. It’s Fashion Week and the bodies of mutilated models are being discovered all over the city. Now Jon-Luc is on the hunt for the most diabolical killer he’s ever encountered and Angie’s next on his list.

My Review:
I actually really liked this book. I found it advertised in a Paranormal Book Group on facebook: FB Group. I asked for an ARC copy and was sent one. I thought, “Hey serial killer, psychic abilities, murders.. Right on!” I was pleasantly surprised. I read the book quickly as it kept my interest from jump.

Jon-Luc, Cajun FBI Agent, recently retired from the FBI and is heading out to search for his next step in life. He decides to travel to Paris to visit a friend. Claude, his French Police Detective, is involved in a series of murders. It is apparent that the serial killers is not only increasing in victims, but in the horrific manner of killing them. His time span between victims is closing in. Claude asks  Jon to help him. Jon, a clairvoyant, has a unique tie with this killer. He can see through his eyes and the victims.

While in Paris, he also quickly falls for a stubborn, mouthy fashion designer…. who is next on the serial killer’s list.

The story line was good and engaging. The characters were enticing. The romantic aspect, and sexual interludes, were not over done. I really enjoyed the twists and turns the author took with this novel. Since this is book #2 in a trilogy, I will be asking for book #1. I would love to read more from this author.

Questions/Dislikes: *** spoiler alert ***
1. Demonic Aspect. The book and the flow of the story was done well enough that the added aspect of demonic activity truly wasn’t needed. Jon-Luc really didn’t need the additional aspect of fighting a demon. I get that it makes an interesting twist, but I think with him fighting the killer alone, and whom the killer turned out to be, it was an unneeded additional story line. 



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