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It started as whispers on the internet so unbelievable that by the time zombies showed up on the doorstep of Main Street America, the plague was unstoppable. Armies were slaughtered, governments fell, and the world as we had known it was gone. The vaulted accomplishments of humanity lay beneath the festering heel of a zombie horde.

Over a century later, the hidden city of Vigilance still thrives. A sanctuary against the many dangers of the new world, it is protected by an elite warrior caste known as “Hunters”. These guardians scour the wastes for supplies and recover what they can of the past. Contained within their secret archive are stories that provide valuable historical insight into not only surviving the fall, but clues that might one day help humanity rise from the ashes.

My Review:
I LOVE LOVE LOVED this novel. There was no way I was ‘shambling’ through it. I am thoroughly happy the author gifted me a review copy to read. It was the perfect novel for me to read right now. Man! This book.. Right here folks.

This is a compilation of archived journal entries that were documented when the zombie apocalypse began. The entries are made from various walks of life; from 19yr old clueless teen  to a hardcore Navy Seal. Every. Walk. Of. Life. The crazy part of this book is that it’s totally fiction. It’s so well written that it feels and reads totally real. There’s even a SUPERHERO!! Yes, a real life superhero. I effin loved him. he was my favorite person in the whole book… him and the archivist. Too bad the two of them couldn’t get together.!!.

The author does so well at penning the voice of each individual, he created a wonderful reality within his novel. I found myself believing that this was true accounts. I was completely engaged and mesmerized by the stories.

There were so many stories I cheered when they were saved. There were some I wept for. The journal entry of Betty Simmers was one. The journal of Catherine Bellon was another. My heart broke for these women.  But reading their story, as well as so many of the others, I quickly began to assess who I am and what I have to offer if the end nears. I loved how some of the stories merged together within the book. I loved the viewpoints and takes the author makes. I loved the bitterness I began to feel against our military government. 

This book isn’t just about surviving the zombies. The tagline for the book is, “Quiet: The dead can hear you.” Screw that. “Quiet: The Living Can Hear You!” It becomes a cathartic reality to read that if you’re a graphic designer, run of the mill office assistant, hell .. a soccer mom, what use will you be in the end? One of the things the author touches base on is the evacuation camps and how the military “processes” the living. Or how evil and sick animal instincts in human nature pines us against one another.

Favorite Stories:
Beth Sanderson (because honestly, this would be me in the end).
Nathan Brill – BRILLIANT idea behind their story. 
St. Miles Thompson
Bobbie Grader

These aren’t really “negatives” per se’, just observations that I made.
1. What was the time elapse? – I wish the archivist in the beginning, or in the end, would have made a notation of the date of the first journal entry to a date of the last entry. In one aspect I thought the apocalypse was only a few years. In another story it seemed like it was 30+ years. This had me just a lot confused. At the end of each chapter there is a inscription of additional notes. This would be a great place to put something like, “Year 12 After Zombie Rise” or something to that effect. Just so the reader has a timeline of events.
2. I needed to read the story of Vigilance itself. – There is nothing about Kane and how he got his start. There is no introduction into how Vigilance got started. I mean we learn about Beallie and his refuge, but Kane? With a name like Kane? I need to sink my teeth into his start and what got him into building for the inevitable.
3. Kanes –  In the Prologue we learn about Jeremiah Kane. He’s the founder of Vigilance. However, in Nathan Brill’s story, we learn the leader is Phillip Kane. I don’t know if it’s a time lapse and a predecessor took over, or, if in fact the author confused his leader’s name. This goes back to the dating the entries in #1

The two journal entries I didn’t like were, ironically, both of the pastor’s stories. They just didn’t engage me the way the others did. 



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