Book Case: #64 and #65


Author & Publisher Information:
Amazon: Ghosts of Delaware by Gerard J. Medvec
Good Reads: Ghosts of Delaware by Gerard J. Medvec
Amazon: UFOs Above PA
Good Reads: UFOs Above PA

UFOs Above PA:

Alien abductions, wild silent spacecrafts and magical ET technology all come together through eyewitness accounts in UFOs Above PA! Read never-before-told sagas of sightings that are similar to others around the world. Told in short-story style, feel the wonder, terror and revelation of folks seeing objects and beings from other realities. Return to the ’60s when a UFO visited a prominent eastern PA university. Witness a young boy being chased by an alien craft through the streets of his western PA suburb. Feel a woman’s terror as alien lights blast through her vacation cabin in central PA. Discover the real, nightly alien invasion that nobody talks about and nobody can stop!

Ghosts of Delaware:

Frightening, sometimes amusing, always entertaining, this collection spotlights haunted tales from around the First State. Experience a sixth-grader’s terrifying “game” with a talking board and a beautiful spiritual send off for a dying patriarch. Visit Fort Delaware where ghostly “chatter” may raise your hackles and read about one family’s “ghost stories” spanning four generations and eighty-years. Discover the haunts of Cape Henelopen, Sussex, Kent, and New Castle counties, Newark, Wilmington, Delaware City, Dover, Smyrna, and more. Stories range from the strange and ghoulish, to the slap-stick comical. Urban legends are also explored to determine if the hype is trustworthy some remain unexplained, while a few are debunked as pure invention. Included are results from several firsthand “haunted investigations,” with a surprise ending to one inquiry that nobody saw coming!

My Review:
I received both of these books from the author, Gerard J. Medvec, for review, after I had read and reviewed another book of his: Review Here.

I am highly interested in supernatural, UFOs, BEK, abductions, and any abnormal events in human existence. I really enjoyed the author’s previous book he sent me, so I was more than willing to read and review both of these books.  I was not disappointed.

Ghosts of Delaware has quickly become apart of my “Ghost Tours of the USA” collection. I will win the lottery one day and use these books to map out the best friggen vacation ever. Gerard does a fantastic job of telling a spooky ghost story, combining some of them with pictures, and creating an extreme interest in visiting the locations he wrote about. This book is perfect for using as a tour guide to some of the best locations in Delaware to visit, stay and get spooked.

Best section of the book for me was the last section, “Cape Henlopen Memoirs”. If you are into plotting and visiting haunted locations, this book needs to be apart of your repertoire. I am happy to display this book on my bookshelf and have found myself discussing it with anyone who asks about it.

UFOs Above PA:  Much like the “Mid-Atlantic UFO” book I read from this author, I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who has a supernatural based library, interest in UFOS, etc.

This book, like the previous two, are a wonderful compilation of UFO stories from the PA locale. It is written in an easy to read, and fun, format. I enjoyed this book a bit more than the Mid-Atlantic stories because of the lay out within the book, the photos and maps to accompany the stories, and the overall flow of all the personal encounters.

One of the things I am most scared of in this life is aliens. This book was fantastic to feed that creepy intrigue I carry within. Some of my favorite stories within the book:

Most Hallowed Ground
Alien Base Camp 



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