Book Case #67 – Stamps, Vamps and Tramps.

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Description from Publisher:

Eternally stamped, eternally damned…

Grecian prostitutes and blood guzzling birds, pickle-sized vampires who wear their hearts on their sleeves, sexy immortals that fear human greed and memories that become tattoos; Stamps, Vamps & Tramps crosses genres to deliver bone-chilling stories that will keep you up at night.

Sixteen talented authors take you on a journey where stamps aren’t always inked, tramps aren’t always hookers, and vampires aren’t always at the top of the food chain. From the colonnade of ancient Greece to a small town amusement park, from the battlefield to the urban center, this anthology will suck you in to the very end.

My Review:
Another anthology from Evil Girlfriend Media, “featuring stories by Rachel Caine, Nancy Kilpatrick, Paul Witcover, and Gemma Files, among others.” I read the other two compilation books put out by EGM and agreed to read this one as well. Even though I’m not too fond of vampire stories, I really enjoyed the ones in this book. 

They were the perfect length to keep my attention. They were creative enough to keep me going. The writing, editing and presentation of each story flowed well within the book. I really hope to read more put out by Evil Girlfriend Media, they definitely found their niche’ in life creating and publishing horror genre books. 

Mungo the Vampire by Sandra Katsuri Loved this story. It was witty and funny. Small, and by small I mean about the size of a pickle, was the best vampire story I’ve read in a long time. I loved it. Fun and creative. 

Easy Mark by Rachel Caine – Rachel is such a strong author. I really enjoyed how she wove this tale together.

I cannot express enough how much I enjoy these little anthologies. I look forward to many more from this publisher. 

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