Book Case #69 – Signs from Heaven


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Description from Author:

Robbie Thomas, world-renowned medium psychic, has been helping people around the world for many years bringing them closer to the other side through contact with their loved ones. As you read Signs from Heaven, you are taking an enlightening journey, giving you much more perspective of life on the other side and within you. You are going to witness many accounts that are verified by testimonials from many individuals from around the world. Each account is different, giving much weight to the validity within This book has been craved for a long while, finally coming to light to share in the very essence of spirit it was meant for, and the realm of spirit of you. Please sit back, letting the truth of spirit surround you, allowing yourself to embrace everything within. Signs from Heaven is thought provoking while leaving the reader wanting much more. It is the fire that burns within, the yearning to learn, the quest for knowledge that we seek, so grab hold of this beautifully written account of factual writings and find the solace you seek

My Review:

As you know, I read and reviewed Robbie Thomas’ paranormal series, “Parasylum” and “Parasylum II“. This is how I was originally introduced to his stories and writing styles. “Signs from Heaven” takes on a totally different take on spirits, loved ones, and ourselves as individuals. 

Every single chapter in this book represented an avenue of my life that  have been working through. Granted, not all aspects have to do with a loved one that has passed over, but take out that one element, each chapter is an inspirational message that can help the reader work through harder elements of their life. 

Right out of the starting gate, this book hit to the point. Acceptance, a part of the grieving process, is addressed in chapter two. I have two people in my life that ‘haunt’ me with their passing. Although, I would love if they physically haunted me so that I could say goodbye, but alas, this is just not the case. This book helped me through my grief process, realizing that I was stuck on the acceptance part.

After reading the the acceptance chapter, I internally accepted their passing and realized I no longer have to be afraid of what it means or holds for me.

Forgiveness, a chapter towards the end of the book, was the best chapter for me. For a lot of people, forgiving is an art that is never taught. Each day on my path in life, I struggle with forgiveness. I found myself reading and rereading this chapters. Each time I read it, I found something new with in. 

Truly, inspirational and healing. Robbie is a gift, he is sent from heaven … with a wonderful message to be heard. I am really thankful for this book. Robbie has written a wonderful piece of art, teaching and comforting those who chose this book and to read it. 


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