Book Case #70 – Haunted Stuff

Book To Be Released: August 8, 2014

Book and Author Details:
Stacey Graham – Website
Stacey Graham – Facebook
Haunted Stuff – Llwellyn Publishing
Haunted Stuff – Good Reads
Haunted Stuff – Amazon

Description from Author:

Finding a one-of-a-kind antique doll at a garage sale is a great feeling—until you bring that doll home and discover it’s haunted. Objects with restless spirits attached to them can quietly invade a home through auctions, antique dealers, estate sales, garage sales, and inheritance. This spooky collection examines a wide variety of haunted items, from screaming skulls to demonic dolls, and how they affect the owner’s life.

Haunted Stuff provides true accounts of possessed possessions, often found in the strangest places. Discover chilling stories of the island of haunted dolls, the tumbling coffin, Rudolph Valentino’s cursed ring, and even the Queen Mary ocean liner—one of the largest haunted items of all. Experience these true accounts that will make you look closer at the antiques on your shelf . . . and wonder if that creepy doll just blinked.

My Review:

I had the blessing of reading and reviewing Stacey Graham’sThe Girls’ Ghost Hunting Guide beginning of last year. I loved the author’s quirky take on ghost hunting, her advice to a younger crowd, and how well she presented it in her book. I was completely on board when she requested that I review her new book, “Haunted Stuff: Demonic Dolls, Screaming Skulls, and Other Creepy Collectibles.”

The book starts out with an outlined description of the author’s idea of what “Haunted Stuff” means to her; tangible objects haunted or inhabiting a spirit energy. The first few chapters discussed haunted objects, types of ghosts, and running a paranormal investigation. The last remaining chapters covered anything from famous haunted creepy dolls to bridges, and everything in between.

In chapter 2, Stacey discusses types of Ghosts. She breaks it down into the common believed theories of ghost type entities. The author does a fine job of defining all encompassing theories for ghost energy. Stacey moves from ghost types to actually investigating these types of spiritual energy in chapter 3. The rest of the book is various items and locations of creepy goodness.

Haunted Robert Doll


In chapter 4, the author covers creepy dolls. I’d have titled the chapter, “Creepy Ass Dolls” but that’s my preference. Her compilation of various haunted dolls includes “Robert” and “Annabelle”. Annabelle was made famous by Ed and Lorraine Warren, and even more recently in the movie, “The Conjuring.”  The one story that I gave a huge verbal, “Oh Hell No!” to was the story of “The Island of Haunted Dolls” in Mexico.

Um Hell No!!

I would have to say that my favorite chapter within this compilation is “Dem Bones”. Stories of haunted horror surrounding bones, caverns of bones, or even catacombs such as those in; which house over 6 million dead.

The last chapter I want to mention was “Out of Pocket”; larger scale hauntings like Ghost Towns or bridges. I have actually been to the ghost town mentioned, “Garnett, MT.” I had such phenomenal experiences while in the town. I had to give Kudos to the author for mentioning it. Out of all the haunted ghost towns in the US, she mentioned one close to home.

This book is a fun, fantastic compilation of haunted objects, small enough to fit in your pocket, to big enough to house a gold rush city. I would recommend this book to any paranormal enthusiast.


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