Book Case #71 – Better Left Buried


Book and Author Details:
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My Review:
I read Belinda Frisch’s, Strandville Zombie Series. I fell in love with her writing abilities in, “The Cure” and it’s been a great relationship since. She sent me a copy of, “Better Left Buried” and again I was not disappointed.

Harmony Wolcott could very well have been written after my childhood, teenage self. I really, maybe overly, related to her character. Jaded, burned by the system, uncaring mother, all of it. Her life starts to unravel after a suicide attempt. Her best friend, Brea, is trying to help her piece together the fragments of a memory that’s come forth in the form of a spirit energy trying to harm her.  With each thread of time that becomes untangled, Harmony’s security falls out from beneath her.

Bad boyfriend(s), waffling best friend, and a spirit that is trying to hurt her, and Harmony is cracking more and falling into a deeper dark abyss. Her mother abandoned her 14 yrs ago, when her father walked out of their life. Brea is trying hard to help Harmony with these struggles.

I recommend this book for anyone YA to Adult. Anyone who is into paranormal and main characters with attitude would love this book. Belinda is a fantastic, strong writer who does a kick ass job at pulling you in as a reader.

Any author that make me throw my book down and say, “SCREW YOU BELINDA!!!” at certain scenes within the book, and can evoke that emotion in a person, has a strong ability in their craft. I am looking forward to more from this book.

Description from Author:

It’s not just the house that’s haunted.

Harmony Wolcott has lived her entire life on the fringe, wishing more often than not that she could end it all. After a failed suicide attempt heightens her visibility in the Child Protective Services system, she has no choice but to hide the details about the home life she’s run from.

Adam, Harmony’s formerly homeless boyfriend, has learned to fend for himself. Despite a past he’s reluctant to talk about, Adam has risen above his circumstances and is trying to get Harmony to do the same.

Only loving someone so damaged isn’t easy.

A recurring nightmare chips away at Harmony’s facade of normalcy, reminding her of a time hidden so deep in her memory that it blurs the line between dream and reality. Convinced the nightmares are an otherworldly attempt at telling her something, Harmony employs the help of a spirit board and her best friend, Brea, to uncover a secret she’s kept, even from herself.

Brea, who is trying to piece together the mystery of why her father walked out on their family fourteen years earlier, knows it’s something to do with Harmony’s mother and a night no one is willing to talk about.

A tragic discovery threatens to unravel Harmony’s patched together life, dragging both Brea and Adam down with her and proving, with devastating consequences, that sometimes the past is better left buried.



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