Book Case #75 – Somewhere in the Middle of Eternity


Book and Author Details:
Somewhere in the Middle of Eternity – Amazon
Somewhere in the Middle of Eternity – Good Reads
Author/Editor Phil Giunta Website
Author/Editor Phil Giunta Facebook
Publisher Website

Description from Author:

In eternity, all stories are timeless. Devastated by war, a young couple finds healing through the intervention of a magical fox… A man obsessed with a burlesque dancer discovers she may not be the beauty she seemed from afar… Desperate to save his dying wife, an exiled scientist makes a discovery that could change the fate of a galaxy… An Irishman finally confronts the specter of death that has tormented him since childhood… An ex-con’s hearing aid picks up a vintage radio show that never aired, leading her to a confrontation with the unexpected… These are but a few of the imaginative tales awaiting you within these pages as chronicled by Daniel Patrick Corcoran, Michael Critzer, Phil Giunta, Amanda Headlee, Susanna Reilly, Stuart S. Roth, Steven H. Wilson and Lance Woods.

My Review:
I received “Somewhere in the Middle of Eternity” from Phil Giunta, author and editor, back in August 2014. It’s an anthology featuring thirteen stories in various genres’; Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Fantasy, Past, Present and Futuristic. One of the great things about anthologies is you’re bound to find a few stories you really connected with and enjoyed. One of the best things about this book is that I found enjoyment from each of the stories.

Each author brings their own unique style to the compilation. Although not all subjects and genres are ones that strike my fancy, I did do the honorable thing and read each one. Authors Phil Giunta, Michael Critzer, and Stuart S. Roth have multiple contributions to the anthology. Each story they contributed are well written, creative and entertaining. I would say they have the stronger stories within the book.

In the story, “Parallax” by Amanda Headlee, I was able to gauge the strength of the author’s writing ability. I would like to read some of her other work; despite the fact this story really didn’t pull me in like a few of the others did.

Overall, it’s a great book filled with various stories and subjects. A reader is bound to find something they enjoy within in. 

The stories that resonated the most with me were:
Form and Substance by Susanna Reilly
Photos from the Attic by Phil Giunta & Don’t Go Fussin’ Over Me
Evelyn by Michael Crizter

Published August 1st 2014 by Firebringer Press
ISBN 0977385167 (ISBN13: 9780977385164)


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