Book Case #79 – The Broken Curse


Book  Review : The Thousand Year Curse
Book Review: The Cruse of Betrayal

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Description from Author:

After a chain of tragic events, Ryder has lost the true essence of who she is. At the cost of her emotions, she channels anger and frustration to hone her new skills. Her white knight remains by her side, but with light comes dark.

When her mentor concocts a plan to end the curse, Ryder dives in head first, but as the number of demons on Earth increases, Ryder and her friends realize their final battle affects more than just the curse.

In the final installment of A Curse Books, Ryder will decide her future—and accept the inevitable fate her decision brings with it.

My Review:
This is the final book in the three book series, “The Thousand Year Curse” by author Taylor Lavati. Back in 2013, when I received the first in the series to review, I immediately said that this was a strong author who I was rooting for. I am excited that I have been privy to her growth and process in this series. She’s a phenomenal writer with a very creative plot process. I have been able to read and watch characters grow, gain strength and meet their fates. I was even a bit sad reading the last page of this series. I want to more of what happens in their lives.

Ryder, Ollie and Ari are still in their cursed love triangle and Ryder is still trying to figure out her soul mate. After a huge battle that took place in book two, “The Curse of Betrayal” We watched close friends die, lives ruined and Ryder’s mother handed over to Hermes in the Underworld.

In book three, “The Broken Curse,” Ryder is distant, moody and closed off from everyone around her. She pushes herself physically as the only way to ‘feel’ anything. She has pushed Ari and Ollie even further way, when they both struggle hard to gain her attention, and finally have her choose her soulmate. Her family, friends and faculty come together to help her build an army to take on Hades, Hermes and their demons.

Read the books, support this amazing author, and discover who Ryder’s soulmate is. Find out how the curses are broken. Fall deep in love with the characters just as I have. Such a kick ass book series.

P.S. ….. I AM SO IN LOVE WITH WHO HER SOUL MATE IS!! Best way to end this book series.

Cast of Characters (Click names to be taken to Wikipedia for further character definitions of these Greek Gods/Goddesses/Etc.)
Eurydice/Ryder  – Main Character.
Ollie/Orpheus – Boyfriend 1
Ari/Aristaeus – Boyfriend 2
Hades – Self explanatory


One response to “Book Case #79 – The Broken Curse

  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I’m so happy that you enjoyed the books. I’ve loved getting to know you 🙂

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