Book Case #80 – In the Light

in the light Cover
Continuing short story from: 
S.P. Miskowski’s “Knock Knock”
S.P. Miskowski’s “Astoria”

Book and Author Details:
In the Light on Amazon
In the Light on Good Reads
S.P. Miskowski
Omnium Gatherum Publshing

Description from Author:

While fleeing from neighborhood bullies, a lonely girl uncovers a dark secret buried near the abandoned ruins of a house mired in local legend. Ruth hopes the charred remains that she unearths will bring a bit of magic to her life, but she’s no match for the force that dwells in this place, waiting for a chance to live again.

A displaced child neglected by affluent parents and a former preacher burdened by the tragic and scandalous circumstances of his mother’s death face a final reckoning at the hands of a woman with the power to summon good and evil.

In the Light is the final book of the Skillute Cycle, a chronicle of one fictional town and an abiding horror that lies just beneath the surface. In the woods. In the water. Beneath the ground. The time has arrived. Something evil has come home.

My Review:

This is the third, and final, installment of the Skillute cycle. I’ve become quite attracted to S.P.’s writing style. Her poetic composition is beautifully woven together to create yet another intriguing tale of the creepy history of Skillute.

The child in this story is new to Skillute. Her parents are avid house flippers and moved from Seattle proper to the small, obscure town of Skillute. She doesn’t fit in with peers. She doesn’t fit in at home. She is very displaced and bullied. During a bullying incident, she runs through a field to get away from her aggressors. She stumbles upon a buried  tool box.  What she finds not only intrigues her, but changes the outcome of her life in Skillute.

This short novel was captivating and engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed the series as a whole. S.P. Miskowski is a fantastic author. Everything from plot design to character development. The only thing about this novel that bothered me was the ending. I felt it was like a really good horror movie that leaves an Easter Egg at the end leaving it open for the potential of further stories. If this is truly the case, then I look forward to more! 


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