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I am a book whore. I am bibliophile. I am a logophile.
I live, breath, think, dream, and bleed books.

I have been reading, devouring, ripping my way through books from the moment I understood that it was no fun being a middle child to an older brother and younger brother.

I have grown into a 38 year old book lover. I have been reading and reviewing books since 2005. It all started with a few paranormal books and branched out from there.

I have had the opportunity to review all the documentaries from the Booth Brothers.

I have had the opportunity to review the pilot episode, before it aired, of “Haunted Evidence.”

I have also had the opportunity to work with Llewellyn Publishing in reviewing various documentaries, books and paranormal based products.

Spooked – Ghosts of Waverly Hills


Excellent, Great Job and thank you for the kind words. Thank you so much Again Great Job and thank you for your interest.  – Booth

I have written reviews and stories for the following publications:

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