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Book Case #88 – Mammoth Mountain Poltergeist

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Description from Author:

In December of 1982, when Tom Ross was thirteen years old, he took a week’s vacation to Mammoth Lakes in California with his aunt, uncle, and cousin. Almost from the moment they arrived at their condo, they experienced a near-constant barrage of bizarre phenomena that escalated over their stay, and seemed to follow them after they left. Items moved around by themselves, shades flew open when no one was near them, bloody tissues appeared out of nowhere, words appeared on windows in empty rooms, a blue haze seemed to hover near the ceiling, a door chain was broken from the inside by what appeared to be a clawed hand, and disembodied voices emerged from corners.

The family was simultaneously terrified and amazed. Thirty-two years later, the four witnesses decided to tell their story.

My Review:
I received this book as an ARC, author review copy. I was excited to get my hands on a novel about a real life haunting experience.

The novel outlines a family vacation to Mammoth Mountains in California. It is based in the late 70s, featuring an aunt and uncle, their child and his cousin, Tom. The author interviewed and constructed a storyline of events from their eye witness accounts. The poltergeist activity is everything from furniture moving to a strange blue mist. I was really engaged to the tales of activity.

Chapters 12-14 featured a break down of the paranormal field, pseudo-science, and eventually into the skepticism view points. While I found the experiences laid out by the family incredible and believable, I also found  that the section on skepticism a bit condescending. I understand that the author is a hard core unbeliever, but I felt that she pushed her views in a sense that made believers, such as myself, a bit put down for believing in spirits.

I am sure that wasn’t the author’s intention, it really came across in her writing. In fairness, the foreword in the novel does indicate that she’s a horror novel writer, and a firm believer in the more skeptical side of things. I would loved to have seen it pinned by both believers and skeptics for a more balanced view.
In her words,

I am also, rather relevantly, the most hard-line of skeptics. I have been an atheist since I was old enough to make such a distinction. I spend my free time devouring books by the likes of Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris,Christopher Hitchens. I faithfully read every issue of magazines like Skeptical Inquirer, Scientific American, Skeptic,and The Humanist, and enjoy following scientific and “debunking” blogs. I mention all this to establish the fact that I am a rationalist, a pragmatist, a realist down to my core. I emphatically do not believe in ghosts or in any aspect of what is termed “the supernatural.”

With that said, I am a bit insulted in the idea that those who are believers are some how irrational, especially as a psychic medium who wholeheartedly believes. If her goal was only to stoke a fire and get people heated for a debate, she did a job well done.

Her strength in horror writing, however, does play a wonderful role in helping construct this novel. The first part of the story, she did a wonderful job of adding suspense and spooky to the poltergeist tales. 


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Hello Haunted Travels of Michigan friends,

Kat and Bev are continuing research for their fourth book. The fourth book will deviate from their Haunted Travels of Michigan trilogy and delve into many areas of paranormal phenomena. Although this will include ghost stories, it will also expand to other areas of the unexplained. In this regard, we ask your help. If you’ve experienced/witnessed any of the below, we would love to hear from you:
The perplexing phenomena of continued consciousness. Continued consciousness includes Near Death Experiences (NDE) and past life memories. If you or someone you know has had a NDE, we would love to hear from you. If you or someone you know have memories of another life or memories that don’t seem to fit in your life experiences, please contact us.
UFOs or CRYPTIDS (sightings of unusually creatures – land or lake)
We’d like to hear from you if you have recorded and witnessed a UFO event. This needs to be a significant event that was recorded either by photograph or video.  Also, if you’ve personally seen an unusual creature or know someone who has, we’d like to hear from you.  Again, this should be more than a brief sighting but something that was of some significance to you.
There are numerous reports of an unusual shadow man people have seen most often as they awaken from sleep. Frequently, shadowman or Hat man as it is sometime called, is the image of a man wearing a cape, hunched over, a brimmed had on its head. There are other reports of seeing a shadow figure on all fours, from 3-4 feet in height, dash across the floor. This is referred to as the Night Creeper.  If you have experienced any of these OR other unexplained shadow images, please let us know.
If you’ve experienced any of the above, please email us:
SUBJECT LINE: Book 4 Experience
We hope to hear from you!

Book Case #69 – Signs from Heaven


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Description from Author:

Robbie Thomas, world-renowned medium psychic, has been helping people around the world for many years bringing them closer to the other side through contact with their loved ones. As you read Signs from Heaven, you are taking an enlightening journey, giving you much more perspective of life on the other side and within you. You are going to witness many accounts that are verified by testimonials from many individuals from around the world. Each account is different, giving much weight to the validity within This book has been craved for a long while, finally coming to light to share in the very essence of spirit it was meant for, and the realm of spirit of you. Please sit back, letting the truth of spirit surround you, allowing yourself to embrace everything within. Signs from Heaven is thought provoking while leaving the reader wanting much more. It is the fire that burns within, the yearning to learn, the quest for knowledge that we seek, so grab hold of this beautifully written account of factual writings and find the solace you seek

My Review:

As you know, I read and reviewed Robbie Thomas’ paranormal series, “Parasylum” and “Parasylum II“. This is how I was originally introduced to his stories and writing styles. “Signs from Heaven” takes on a totally different take on spirits, loved ones, and ourselves as individuals. 

Every single chapter in this book represented an avenue of my life that  have been working through. Granted, not all aspects have to do with a loved one that has passed over, but take out that one element, each chapter is an inspirational message that can help the reader work through harder elements of their life. 

Right out of the starting gate, this book hit to the point. Acceptance, a part of the grieving process, is addressed in chapter two. I have two people in my life that ‘haunt’ me with their passing. Although, I would love if they physically haunted me so that I could say goodbye, but alas, this is just not the case. This book helped me through my grief process, realizing that I was stuck on the acceptance part.

After reading the the acceptance chapter, I internally accepted their passing and realized I no longer have to be afraid of what it means or holds for me.

Forgiveness, a chapter towards the end of the book, was the best chapter for me. For a lot of people, forgiving is an art that is never taught. Each day on my path in life, I struggle with forgiveness. I found myself reading and rereading this chapters. Each time I read it, I found something new with in. 

Truly, inspirational and healing. Robbie is a gift, he is sent from heaven … with a wonderful message to be heard. I am really thankful for this book. Robbie has written a wonderful piece of art, teaching and comforting those who chose this book and to read it. 

Book Case: #64 and #65


Author & Publisher Information:
Amazon: Ghosts of Delaware by Gerard J. Medvec
Good Reads: Ghosts of Delaware by Gerard J. Medvec
Amazon: UFOs Above PA
Good Reads: UFOs Above PA

UFOs Above PA:

Alien abductions, wild silent spacecrafts and magical ET technology all come together through eyewitness accounts in UFOs Above PA! Read never-before-told sagas of sightings that are similar to others around the world. Told in short-story style, feel the wonder, terror and revelation of folks seeing objects and beings from other realities. Return to the ’60s when a UFO visited a prominent eastern PA university. Witness a young boy being chased by an alien craft through the streets of his western PA suburb. Feel a woman’s terror as alien lights blast through her vacation cabin in central PA. Discover the real, nightly alien invasion that nobody talks about and nobody can stop!

Ghosts of Delaware:

Frightening, sometimes amusing, always entertaining, this collection spotlights haunted tales from around the First State. Experience a sixth-grader’s terrifying “game” with a talking board and a beautiful spiritual send off for a dying patriarch. Visit Fort Delaware where ghostly “chatter” may raise your hackles and read about one family’s “ghost stories” spanning four generations and eighty-years. Discover the haunts of Cape Henelopen, Sussex, Kent, and New Castle counties, Newark, Wilmington, Delaware City, Dover, Smyrna, and more. Stories range from the strange and ghoulish, to the slap-stick comical. Urban legends are also explored to determine if the hype is trustworthy some remain unexplained, while a few are debunked as pure invention. Included are results from several firsthand “haunted investigations,” with a surprise ending to one inquiry that nobody saw coming!

My Review:
I received both of these books from the author, Gerard J. Medvec, for review, after I had read and reviewed another book of his: Review Here.

I am highly interested in supernatural, UFOs, BEK, abductions, and any abnormal events in human existence. I really enjoyed the author’s previous book he sent me, so I was more than willing to read and review both of these books.  I was not disappointed.

Ghosts of Delaware has quickly become apart of my “Ghost Tours of the USA” collection. I will win the lottery one day and use these books to map out the best friggen vacation ever. Gerard does a fantastic job of telling a spooky ghost story, combining some of them with pictures, and creating an extreme interest in visiting the locations he wrote about. This book is perfect for using as a tour guide to some of the best locations in Delaware to visit, stay and get spooked.

Best section of the book for me was the last section, “Cape Henlopen Memoirs”. If you are into plotting and visiting haunted locations, this book needs to be apart of your repertoire. I am happy to display this book on my bookshelf and have found myself discussing it with anyone who asks about it.

UFOs Above PA:  Much like the “Mid-Atlantic UFO” book I read from this author, I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who has a supernatural based library, interest in UFOS, etc.

This book, like the previous two, are a wonderful compilation of UFO stories from the PA locale. It is written in an easy to read, and fun, format. I enjoyed this book a bit more than the Mid-Atlantic stories because of the lay out within the book, the photos and maps to accompany the stories, and the overall flow of all the personal encounters.

One of the things I am most scared of in this life is aliens. This book was fantastic to feed that creepy intrigue I carry within. Some of my favorite stories within the book:

Most Hallowed Ground
Alien Base Camp 


Book Case #51 – Saving Mary & Living Testimony

18767212   ds-ampersand-9 Living The Testimony

Author & Publisher Information:
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Diedre’s Website

Description from Author (Shortened – Read Further On One of the Links Above):

Part one of a two-part series, Saving Mary is the story of a modern-day Mary Magdalene-the woman from whom Jesus cast out seven demons.

Deidre Daily is drawn to anything seemingly spiritual, desperately seeking a spiritual existence. But inside this vibrant girl hides a terrified child who sincerely believes she has married the devil. Through a series of spiritual encounters her fear turns into reality, and she ends up possessed.

My Review:

This is a duel book blog post. I contacted the author through Good Reads with an interest to read and review “Saving Mary.” The author response was wonderful and agreeable. She even sent along a secondary book, “Living the Testimony” as an addition. “Living the Testimony” is another glimpse into what had happened to the author, but from the standpoint of the exorcism on. “I also sent you my new book because it contains a shortened version of the whole story.”

Deidre Daily is a tormented child; physically, emotionally, sexually, and spiritually. Her father is an alcoholic and her mother is a distant, emotionally vacant, woman. She has an uncle who sexually abused her. She is teased at school, and treated like crap from one of the teachers. She is part Irish and part Native, hearing “half-breed” very often. She is confused about life, love and God.

In her path to find “God”, the unconditional, loving being who protects us, she finds Fred instead. Fred came to Deidre from an Ouija board. In a girl with a trouble past and spiritually lacking, Fred attaches himself to her leaving her open for so much more.

We follow Deidre from childhood into young adulthood. We follow through her continual searching for love, acceptance, and spiritual satisfaction. I truly believe that the reason she was so easily taken over is because of the alienation she felt in life. 

This book is a true story. It’s intense and eye opening as to what could be going on inside someone. It is a glimpse into the spirit realm. In the battle of good and evil.  It’s a good book.

Negatives of the Book
I know that the book is supposed to be written from the child’s eye and perspective, however it really takes away from the story. It’s rather broken and hard to follow. It’s like reading an actual diary.
It’s just a rough read, but great personal story. 


Book Case #44 – Paranormal Intruder


Actual EVPs from the case, as well as the author discussing her book:

Book and Author Details:
Author Caroline’s Website
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Description from Author:

An innocent family finds itself completely helpless against the sudden onset of paranormal activity in their quiet rural home. A knife embedded in a kitchen cupboard, crockery smashed by invisible hands, and blood-chilling growls emit from thin air. Caroline and her husband Neil search for answers as they try to protect their family from the unseen entity that seems determined to rip them apart.
The biggest question looms over them like a dark cloud … who is going to help us? There are emergency services for many things, but not of this nature. It might be easier to believe temporary insanity, if not for the vast amount of witnesses. Police, fire services, mediums, priests and investigators all become embroiled in the mystery. The family struggles to cope, and Caroline grows concerned for her husband’s failing health as he withdraws from the world. However, the entity has only just begun.
Paranormal Intruder is the true story of one family’s brave fight against an invisible entity. Described as one of the best-documented cases of paranormal activity, this page turning book will stay with you long after you have finished reading it.

My Review:

This is one of the most thrilling, best documented paranormal cases I have been privy to read about. It is frightening and engaging. Caroline reached out to me to review your book, and I can say that I am incredibly happy she did so. 

I read every “true” paranormal story with an investigator’s eye. Having been a paranormal investigator for many years, and working a case so incredibly similar to this one, I could not turn away until I finished the book. 

Caroline, a respected police woman in the UK, found herself in the middle of a demonic force that tore her family apart. Caroline’s recount of the events was so intriguing, but so very spooky, I found myself praying after I finished the book. If the family could be so easily susceptible after her husband, Neil, dabbled with an Ouija board as a child and began watching paranormal programming as an adult, I know that I did not want to leave myself vulnerable either.

One of the strongest things I found in the book was the end chapters with actual accounts by family and friends who bore witness to the events first hand. I believe that this can only lend more credibility to the book. Caroline had witnesses from both the police force and fire department. Fellow police officers witnessed the chaos that consumed the author’s home.

Since the book takes place in the UK, I was a bit frustrated with the “church” that kept denying assistance to the family. But that’s a more personal stance than anything else. I have no faith in the Catholic church. Time and time again I have found that they’re only there to assist if it benefits them in the long run.

The only major irritation I have with the book is that it just ends. There is no real follow up. Are they still plagued by the demonic spirit, even though they relocated? Are others living in their house and are they experiencing it now? Or was it solely Neil and Lee?

Also… TOTALLY frustrated with the DO8!!
Even more frustrated with the diamond shape in the yard.

What the hell. Every through investigator knows to research EVERYTHING. I kind of feel that the author touched on this topic, and it may have been a huge key in what was going on. But that was that. She mentioned it in the book, but no follow through.

Skeptic’s Eye
I definitely feel that Lee was some how involved in the events. It was just too uncanny how things continued to worsen every time he was around. Top it off with the fact he did not want Neil over at his house…. leads the investigator in me to question his personal motives more so.

I am thoroughly surprised that the amount of psychics, church members, friends and family never suggested that they stop dabbling in communicating with the entity. When you open communication, you create a bridge to be attacked. Recording, photographing, and table tapping are all sure fire ways to enable the rise in events. 

I firmly believe that Neil was possessed, even if at a mild extent. The book never once touched on that topic. Quite a few of the books I have read surrounding demonic possessions, deliverance and exorcisms would only suggest that this was the case with Neil. I believe that the closeness of his friends and family are the only reasons he did not succumb to the entity. Neil never was ever fully without support. He was gaunt, his physical appearance changed, he was depressed, defeated, and about totally given in.
Signs of possessions: Depression, alienation, “sinking into oneself”, acceptance, oppression, and eventually possession.

Overall, fantastic book!


Book Case #37 – Forgotten Burial

Book and Author Details:
Forgotten Burial on Amazon
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Jodi Foster Author Website

Description from Author:

When Jodi Foster returned to her California hometown with her young daughter, she never could have imagined the terror and confusion she experienced in the nights that followed. On top of her terrifyingly real nightmares of abduction and murder, Jodi witnessed lights flashing on and off, clocks going haywire, and her daughter’s doll repeatedly screaming, “I feel great!” Forgotten Burial tells Jodi’s true paranormal story unraveling the mystery behind the unsolved case of a missing young woman, Madeline Isabella Johnson.

After moving into Madeline’s last known residence, Jodi and her daughter reveal clues about what happened to the disappeared girl through ghostly encounters, vivid dreams, and divine intervention. Join Jodi on her reality-bending adventure as she works with police to bring justice to this disturbing, yet ultimately uplifting story.

My Review:

I was eager for this book. I found it on both the Net Galley and Llewellyn Publishing websites. I reached out to the author for a chance to obtain the book. I received notification through my Net Galley account and I could not wait to dig into it. I hate it when I get totally excited and then get totally stuck in the middle of a so-so book.

As I am not sure if this is a ARC copy that is provided prior to the editing process or not, but, I was completely deterred by the horrible grammar, spelling, and just plain misuse of words. In example, the author is talking about a fort her and her siblings made in the woods as children. They created a “fairy realm” and even had a song they made up for it. In writing out the song, the author used the word, “ferry” as opposed to “fairy”. I know this is benign, somewhat. However, in the end when there’s a strong thread of improper word forms used, it becomes a hindrance on the book as a whole. I hope that this is the case, in fact an unedited review copy, and not the one you can order online. There were just so many errors it made it hard to keep an even reading flow from beginning to end.

Fairy – A tiny imaginary being in human form, depicted as clever, mischievous, and possessing magical powers.
Ferry – a boat or ship for conveying passengers and goods, esp. over a relatively short distance and as a regular service.

The book description has one believing this is the story of a woman who is terrorized by an unknown entity and seeks out answers, in turn, finding a victim with a story. However, this book could easily be cut in half.
Story of the haunting and victim…. Story of the author’s bizarre upbringing, religious beliefs and bible study verses.

I think a lot of the book could be cut out and make for a more easy flowing, cohesive novel. I understand the importance of letting the reader know your state of mind and upbringing, especially when elaborating on a potential haunted situation, but the depths the author went through were a little far and beyond entertainment. I wanted the meat of the story, the ghost, the killing, the haunting. I did not care to read about certain bible scriptures that helped the author through on a daily basis. I can get the gist of what is being implied by stating, “This happened again… I prayed. My daughter and I prayed together…” etc. I do not need a study lesson on certain scriptures or religious specifics.

I was also a little lost on why we went into the depths of her childhood, trials and tribulations. I understand the importance of telling the reader she had spiritual encounters as a child too. However,  sideline stories like cooking the rabbits only made for a detour that was not needed in the book.

The book was not all bad. The subject line is awesome. How often do spirits really get to help out in their disappearance, murder, death, etc? I think the author has a golden egg here, but I also think it needs cleaned up, reedited (if it has been already) or edited (if it hasn’t been yet), and more focused. Its road mapping in the novel takes you all over the authors mind. It’s almost like she had to get as much as she could out without someone saying, “Just stick to this point here…”

I’d give the book 3 stars on a scale. Entertaining, interesting, spooky… but needs to be cleaned up somewhat.


I had a long conversation with the author this afternoon. I was given an older copy to review, a copy that was known to have a bunch of errors before Llewellyn Publishing took over publication of Jodi’s book.

With that said, the book has gone through a thorough editing process through Llewellyn and is due to launch February 2014.

I stand by my review. I still feel that this could easily been made into two books: One about her life and budding psychic abilities and one about this very incident regarding her apartment. Jodi is an articulate, understanding, and wonderful person.  I enjoyed my conversation with her today, and plan on interviewing her for my blog. Keep an eye out for a future blog entry interviewing the author.